The Academy of Life Planning is the global and virtual adviser support network for Non-Intermediating Financial Planners in a world where products are easier to buy.

Are you a financial planner looking to future-proof your business in a global market that is beginning to separate advice from distribution as investment returns become commoditised? If so, you have come to the right place ...

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And our wealth coaching system, the GAME Plan Generator. Learn how adviser-distributors become advisers. We are a fast growing global community of non-intermediating financial planners.

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Our 'Annual Mentorship & Membership' programme includes a one-hour virtual practice development meeting with Academy Founder, Master Life Planner, and Author, Steve Conley, every month. VISIT OUR SHOP.

Prepare For The Wall Between Advice And Product

We are experts at providing quality support and business development solutions for firms looking to transition from intermediaries to non-intermediating financial planners. We can help future-proof your firm and bring certainty in uncertain times.

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We train, mentor, and support a growing global financial planning community. We share the blueprint and toolkit to set up a successful non-intermediating financial planning firm, or, if you prefer, as a client centred intermediating financial planner.  Our model is free to modify, share, and use commercially. Learn a new planning process that creates wealth for your clients and enjoy monthly one-to-one virtual coaching support to develop a fast-growing, future-proofed, profitable, valuable, and sustainable business.


Financial Planning Is Not A Regulated Activity

We see a fall of the adviser-distributor model, a cash cow. There is a rising star, the adviser model. In some markets the regulator has already placed a wall between advice and distribution, and accelerated the transition from distributor to adviser. We separate advice from distribution. The result is a non-regulated activity we call  non-intermediating financial planning.

What Makes Us Different?

We Sell Plans Not Products

With over 35 years’ experience of providing expert advice to many thousands of financial planners, we know what it takes to help planners and their customers achieve their future goals. As the world’s first non-intermediating financial planning network, our members help individuals and businesses seeking general advice and financial education to create wealth in every area of their life. This requires that we unlearn product sales processes, and replace them with financial planning.

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We are highly skilled at providing advisers around the world with a helping hand and reassurance as they adapt

The Academy of Life Planning is the online international non-intermediating financial planner adviser support group. Our adviser network support group has been providing award-winning training, development, and assistance in the global financial planning community since 2012, and our heritage goes back much further.


An international community of non-intermediating financial planning firms and their client centred advisers are at the heart of our business. Backed by multi-award-winning experience and expertise in the worldwide financial services industry, we have developed the knowledge and capability to deliver a top-quality home for non-intermediating and client centred financial planners. 


Offering a range of support services to professional financial planning firms, financial planners, and customers, around the world, we take pride in what we do.


Ground-breaking services.

The thing that stands us out from the crowd is that we give you the blueprint and toolkit - free to modify, share, and use commercially - for a future-proofed, non-intermediating financial planning business model that suits you and your clients.


Whether you’re an intermediary looking to run a separate non-intermediating business model, or bound to an adviser-distributor model by your network, a non-intermediating firm looking to transition from 1-2-1 planning to 1-2-many, a planner seeking planning opportunities, or an individual customer in need of professional financial planning, we can help.


We recognise that what our members want most in an uncertain world is certainty. Our business consultancy experts will help you mitigate commercial and regulatory risk in this unpredictable world, where regulation or a global medical and economic emergency can close you down.


By diversifying into non-regulated financial planning, you create an insurance policy for your business. We help you preserve and transition the client relationships you have built, and elevate your eventual non-intermediating financial planning business to the next level, through our unique range of licence-free blueprints, one-to-one coaching, group training, certification and accreditation, networking opportunities, proposition development workshops, tools, industry representation and much more.


If you are bound to an adviser-distributor model by your network, we provide a steppingstone through our client centred financial planning programme.


If you are a forward-thinking planner looking to boost your career in the non-regulated global arena then joining our network offers a fantastic opportunity to overcome barriers to market entry, survive in the early years, receive leads, serve the underserved, develop and grow your business, learn new skills, feel valued, access a market for resale and gain the rewards you deserve.


And, for general advice and personal financial planning, where the public are trained to be suspicious of everything, whether you’re looking to create wealth for greater financial security for you and your loved ones, striving for financial freedom, or looking to create a more lasting legacy, our global network of trusted planners are here to help.


In a world where investment returns are a commodity, financial planners must focus on wealth creation and not wealth management. Intermediated wealth management relationships cannot continue. Planners must unlearn the product sales processes taught by product providers and learn new financial planning processes that create wealth. These new ways of planning are uniquely offered by the Academy of Life Planning.


Our planners are not looking to manage the wealth of the wealthy. That is not how our planners get paid. We do not operate wealth thresholds below which we would not advise. Ninety-five percent of people are not wealthy. We plan to create client wealth, rather than manage it.


We place a wall between advice and product. We split planning from intermediation. We separate advice from distribution. There is a clear demarcation. Our advisers charge fee for service, instead of fee for assets.


Our planners provide generic advice and financial education on all areas of financial planning: wealth creation, preservation, management, and succession. We set goals in every area of your life. Our members provide a ‘business plan of you’ in their client's lifetime cash flow forecast to help them create wealth.


Our members educate their clients on how to run their own money safely online on a DIY basis, saving them a fortune in behavioural mistakes and asset-based adviser charges.


A unique approach.

Parliamentarians and regulators have described the global financial advice industry as "an incomplete transition from product sellers to professional financial planners". They are introducing regulations around the world to split advice and product. In some markets the demarcation has already happened. We want to complete that transition for advisers and firms ahead of regulatory compulsion where possible, and place financial planners on a par with other fee-for-service professionals.


We believe greater market integrity is required before much needed trust and confidence can be restored to this least trusted of all industries. To deliver integrity, we believe the wall between advice and products is necessary. We believe that the professional financial planner of the future must cut all ties with product providers, and forget their product selling ways. In other words, …


… the professional adviser of tomorrow is a non-intermediating financial planner.


At the Academy of Life Planning, we like to do things differently. For instance, the GAME Plan Generator is a purpose-built wealth creating financial planning framework – available for intermediaries and for non-regulated, non-intermediating financial planners - that is available exclusively, to repurpose freely as an open-source tool, to all our advisers and their clients around the world.


When you drop the product sales and wealth management, financial planning becomes more about wealth creation. Creating wealth in every area of your life. Learn new wealth creating financial planning skills here at the Academy of Life Planning.


Because we are non-intermediating, we do not require wet signatures, or face-to-face visits, and it is still business as usual for us during these exceptional times. We are still able to offer our clients the same quality service, which is remote, secure, and easy to receive.


Nowhere else in the industry will you find such an innovative, wealth-building, future-proofed, trusted, varied, and unique financial planning support network. Bring certainty to your uncertain world, bring wealth and empowerment to your clientele, go non-intermediating. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.


“We are the future of financial planning. Unlike financial planners of the past, we are completely independent, with no affiliation, agencies, holdings, or ties with product providers ... no conflicts of interest whatsoever. Our only loyalty is to our clients. We work for the buyer, not the seller, which puts us in the business of placing client best interest first.”

Steve Conley, Founder on Non-Intermediating Financial Planners

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The Academy of Life Planning Limited operates as an international non-intermediating financial planner support group.  We are faith neutral and faith friendly. We work with different values and perspectives in a respectful and sensitive way. The company offers a license free blueprint, compliance guidance, research and technical help, personal development, technology support, practice development, introducer recruitment, marketing support, testimonials, and exit/succession planning services for its members and their firms. It serves a globalised marketplace of non-intermediating financial planners, advisers, and brokers throughout the world. 


The services on offer from the Academy of Life Planning Limited are classed as generic advice, factual information or financial education. No financial products are sold. No personalised advice or recommendations are ever given in relation to the buying or selling of specific investments. Without exception, we do not arrange or bring about deals, make arrangements with a view to transaction, or cause dematerialised instructions relating to any investment business. We do not advise borrowers about liquidation of debt. We simply offer personal financial plans. If you are looking for a personal recommendation relating to an investment product you should consult a licensed investment adviser. Since the Academy of Life Planning Limited is NOT a financial intermediary firm, or a provider of financial products, it is NOT regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority.


A Fiduciary standard of obligation is required for all institutions (corporations, non-profit, and governmental) to place the interests of all stakeholders, of humanity, democracy, and the living planet that sustains us, first above their own self-interest. 


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