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If the pandemic and geopolitical events have taken their toll on your finances and you want to build back better fast, then I'm sure you would agree that you need a vehicle, system, or solution. That's the G.A.M.E. Plan (Goals-Actions-Means-Execution).


How Do I Plan Other People?

We help you to set up your own planning firm.

How Do I Plan Myself?

We provide free materials for individuals to DIY.

For Individuals

"If you’re considering working with Steve and you’re not sure whether to take that first step, all I can tell you is it changed my life and now I am living a dream life that I never thought was possible." - Emma P.


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For Planners

“We experienced it with Steve as clients first and then bought the product. Steve has been a champion for and with us in mentoring and training us so effectively that we are in many ways the embodiments of what the Kenwell GAME Plan is.”

- Kenwell FLP


About Us

"Steve has done an amazing job leading the Market Integrity Team, bringing together professional bodies, trade bodies and standards boards from all across the financial services industry." - Transparency Taskforce

Our Commitment To Improve The Wealth & Wellbeing Of The Global Population Is Embedded In Everything We Do

We provide personalised one-to-one mentorship, coaching, training, webinars, open resources, and networking opportunities.

First Class World Leading Support Network And Fintech Applications


Our award-winning 'Membership' programme for individuals to create asset strategies includes access to our international community, HapNav - the Happiness Navigator - our exclusive lifetime wealth forecasting app, Your Money or Your Life book, Stand and Deliver workbook, unlimited email support, and much more. Done by you, with you, or for you.



Our award-winning 'Annual Mentorship & Membership' programme for planners to create asset strategies for their clients includes our SME blueprint for success, 'open resources',  access to our international planning community, our exclusive lifetime wealth forecasting app, and monthly one-hour one-to-one practice development sessions with Steve Conley. Ask us about the Game Plan!

It's Like Financial Planning, But Bigger!

We review all your assets, not just your financial assets. We show you how to make money, not just save money. We plan your life, not just your finances. It's like financial planning, but bigger!


We are a global network of asset strategists. We don't sell assets, we show you how to make, preserve, and exchange assets from one form to another to live your life plan.


An asset is a resource with economic value that an individual, corporation, or country owns or controls with the expectation that it will provide a future benefit.


Tangible assets: Property, Pensions, Physical Assets, Financial Assets, Business Assets.


Intangible assets: Brand, Goodwill, Legal Rights, Knowledge, Customer Lists, Software.


Here's the thing ...


"The Game Plan is about leveraging assets to get what you want out of life."


Assets are created quickest when our strategies convert intangible assets to tangible assets. For example, you can use your know-how to make cash.


Asset strategies solves a broader range of problems than traditional financial planning. For example, when there is a financial deficit assets can be created by leveraging intangible assets and exchanged for financial assets quicker than with a conventional savings plan.


The conventional savings plan applies frugality and defers earned income (money earned elsewhere) to savings. This requires discipline, persistence, and a long period of investment to allow compound growth to work its magic. Few people fit this profile.


People create wealth, not products. People create wealth by leveraging reputation, networks, skills, and know-how. The time horizon for an asset-creating strategy is typically a few years.


What creates an asset?


The answer is, do what you are good at, you love, the world needs and will pay for.


We look at navigating the inevitable short-term valleys of cash flow. We look at business plans to create diverse recurring income-producing assets for the short and long term. We have a future-ready financial planning process for our times.


We are the SMEs that build SMEs. We combine life planning, financial planning, proposition redesign, and business planning to create wealth & wellbeing in every area of your life.


"We need to be in a constant state of reimagining, thinking through the next phase of every aspect of our lives. You can start that process at any time if you are committed to true change. Why not reimagine yourself before someone or something "reimagines" your life for you?"


- Michael Clinton is the author of ROAR into the second half of your life (Before It's Too Late), published in 2021.


Your best days are ahead of you, but we live in uncertain times. The welfare state throughout the developed world is bankrupt. The pensions systems, they load “too much risk onto individuals”. The reason is not politics but arithmetic. There has also been a significant decline in people’s perceptions of employment security. 


"The new reality is that working at a job may be the riskier choice. Instead, take the safe road and go out on your own." 


- Chris Guillebeau, author of the $100 startup, published in 2012 & 2015.


And financial planning practices must change forever as artificial intelligence, robotics, and other socio-economic factors replace the need for human workers. We need transformational assets, such as creativity, relationships, stamina, and imagination. We need to be in a constant state of reimagining. 


Creating your own future-ready asset portfolios diversifies income streams and reduces fiscal risk. When you own the income stream you create asset value on your balance sheet. You create financial stability in an unpredictable future.


"The traditional life required only the lightest planning touch and little in the way of reflection since it had certainty and predictability baked into it."


- Lynda Gratton & Andrew J. Scott are the authors of The 100-Year Life - Living and Working in the Age of Longevity, published in 2017 & 2020.


Our unique future-ready approach to financial planning for these challenging times is called the G.A.M.E. Plan.




We show financial coaches & financial planners how to create and preserve assets by teaching them our proven proposition development framework. Tried and tested over decades in the banking industry, our plans deliver accelerated growth whilst minimising the risk of failure.


We are highly skilled financial planners and proposition architects. We are the asset strategists. We help businesses build businesses. When people don't have assets, they need plans to build them. That's the G.A.M.E. Plan.


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Financial Planning Should Be About Making Money More Than Saving It.

What Makes Us Different?

We Sell Plans, Not Products. Because Plans Create Wealth, Not Products.

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SME News has again awarded these prizes to the Academy of Life Planning during their 2021 Finance Awards, adding, "After a tough year (and more!), it is a testament to your perseverance and dedication to have triumphed despite the many difficulties and pressures brought on by the pandemic, and we at SME News are delighted to have been able to recognise your unique contribution to the financial industry's thriving business community". This is a repeat of the Academy's success in 2020.

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