When you set goals for life you need a plan for life.

The Academy of Life Planning Provides Life & Money Plans.

“There should be a wall, between advice and products, between advice and large institutions, and between our regulators and large institutions. We need an integrity that is impeccable. Until we actually institute a way of bringing good heart, great integrity and a fiduciary relationship that is sustainable into the industry, we are going to fail. We have to make this change, and we have to make it now.”

- George Kinder, father of the financial life planning movement

You tell us your life goals and we provide your life & money plan.

Based on the lessons from Your Money or Your Life: Avoid the highway robbers - enjoy wealth in every area of your life, by Steve Conley.

Avoid Highway Robbers

Avoid layers of middle-men adding no value and extracting most of your life savings in the form of unnecessary fees and charges. We show you how.

Enjoy Financial Freedom

Instead of living by someone else's plan, create your own. Include all the important things you need to do in life. Be the architect of your own life.

Create 'What if' scenarios

Produce any number of 'what if' scenarios to see the impact on life-time cash flow, and adjust your plans accordingly using our modellor.

What you need is a life and money plan from someone who doesn't sell products.

Happy Customers

Your happiness is our main concern - see our testimonials.

The last thing you need is for someone to just talk about the money.

The GAME Plan is your route to financial security and freedom

A Unique Multi-dimensional Planning Tool

Generate Multi-dimensional Goals. Assemble Your Action Plan. Manage Your Means. Enact Your Execution Plan. Build The Business of You. One-to-one/couple Planning Online. 3-month and 12-month Transformational Programmes. Worldwide Clientele since 2012. Free 30-Minute Discovery Meetings.

It's the plan that gets you there ... not the money.

Who is a life and money plan for?

Escape the  treadmill 

Leave the rat-race and pursue your dream as your own boss.

Recover from that mid-life crisis

Discover a new sense of self and purpose for the rest of your life.

Find your new direction 

Faced with two paths the route ahead could combine both.

Two lives coming together into one

When you want to knit together two sets of dreams to one future.

Protecting your financial interests - our fiduciary duties 

We act in all circumstances in good faith in the interest of our clients.

We act for a proper purpose and will not allow our interests to conflict with those of our clients.

We will not place ourselves in a position where our interests and duties conflict.

We will not obtain undisclosed profit, or benefit of any kind, from our position.


As award-winning global ambassadors for transparency ...

... we will tirelessly campaign on your behalf to improve integrity and transparency in financial markets.

FREE GUIDE - Your Plan B

The first step to being safe and free is to have goals. This is a simple 8-step formula for creating the life you want to live - when money is no object and time is your own. Live the life you love. Knowing your goals will drive you to your dream of freedom.


Download your free guide - 8 Steps to Your Plan B - when you register.

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Our experienced wealth and wellbeing professionals keep you constantly up to date with the latest events and best practices. We are passionate about bringing you security and freedom.

As appeared in the media and at major conferences.

We believe that the greatest value is added for people through financial planning, rather than financial intermediation.


The services on offer from the Academy of Life Planning Limited are classed as generic advice and financial education. No financial products are sold. That's how we act as fiduciaries. We always put the client best interest first. The firm caters for the 95% of the population who have limited access to financial intermediation and are underserved on account of holding investable assets below regulated financial intermediary thresholds (typically £100,000).


The Academy may refer customers, with client consent, to approved and regulated financial intermediaries where appropriate. Since the firm is not a financial intermediary, or a provider of financial products, it is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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