Steve Conley, Founder & CEO
Steve Conley, Founder & CEO
Open For Business & Taking On New Clients
Open For Business & Taking On New Clients

Remote Financial Advice, Financial Planning & Life Planning

Welcome to the Academy of Life Planning - Financial Advice You Can Trust brought to you safely online to your home!

Suddenly finding yourself with time on your hands and not sure what to do? Take advantage of the extra time to sort out your finances. We are here to help you through this.

Worried market volatility may affect your financial future - ask for a Lifetime Cashflow Forecast to see the picture and decrease shortfalls caused by the economic emergency. 


Global economic and medical emergency.


Impacts on your income and long-term savings.


By choosing health you may be choosing hardship.


Use the lockdown to create ... Your PLAN B.

We hope you, your family and friends are all keeping well and safe. We'd like to thank all NHS staff, teachers, Royal Mail staff, delivery drivers, refuse collection teams, supermarket staff, train and bus drivers, volunteers and all those who are working to help the nation. Let's all stay safe and one day this will all come to an end.


Now more than ever, please keep safe in these perilous times. Then ask, "How do I get things back to normal?" Do you even want to go back to 'normal life' after this? Or, is this global emergency giving you a chance to see things differently?


Maybe, we can't return to normal ... because the normal that we had was precisely the problem. Possibly we were taking more risk than we thought. Perhaps stepping off the treadmill has helped us to reflect. Potentially the way we spend our time and money could be a more powerful vote for the change we wish to see in the world.


What if you were to do things differently from now on?


We know the stress uncertainty creates and are open for business, taking on new clients and here to help you plan for greater security, freedom and a legacy.

Book Your 60-Minute Online Initial Financial Consultation

For your initial no obligation consultation to review your financial planning requirements, please book via our Shop. The price is £45. Place your order today and we will contact you within two-working-days by phone or email to arrange an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

REad What The Press Have To Say About Us!

We offer a unique and inspiring way of helping people in these extraordinary times. We sell plans not products!


Money Marketing






"Great advice." "Have your life transformed." "That trusted relationship." "Life changing." "Really does add great value to real lives." - Money Marketing

Earnings stopping. Bills rising. Life savings falling. Hopes fading. - GET YOUR FREE GUIDE TO YOUR PLAN B

As the covid-19 pandemic continues to constrain 'normal life', it presents significant hardship to a growing number of people around the world who now face more month than money.


The news is unsettling as we enter unknown territory. We hope that conditions improve as quickly as possible. In the short-term, we brace ourselves for turbulence economically and prepare our mindset for the way things play out medically.


The global economic emergency disrupts money, the global medical emergency disrupts life. Which do our world leaders prioritise? Which do you prioritise?


Your Money or Your Life  


Our priorities are of course our family’s health and wellbeing. But by choosing health, are we choosing hardship? How might we best face the challenge?


In time, things will become clearer and society will be looking to get back to 'normal'. These unprecedented times may have shifted 'normal' irreversibly. In which case, you now have the time to reflect on whether to make a new plan.


Do we go back to PLAN A, or is it time for a PLAN B? 


At no time has life & money planning been more important. What you need is ...


... safe access from home to advice you can trust on how to review and rebalance your money and your life.


For crucial life and money decisions, you can’t just put choices on hold and do nothing. You have important selections to make. You need answers, right now. All of which means that life and money advice simply can't wait for these times to pass.


You need a solid PLAN B for your life; backed up by a revised financial plan for your money, an investment philosophy you believe in and an accessible and dependable financial adviser who has your best interests at heart.

Rebalance Your Money and Your Life: Keeping in touch with the outside world via internet is the new normal!

Mingling with people may be out – at least for a while.  You needn’t face big decisions alone. Waiting until later is not always an option. Your life and money adviser should be here for you. Here to show you. Show you the steps you can take. The eight steps to build PLAN B. Right now. While you have time to reflect deeply on the world you want!


Delaying a life or money decision may have unforeseeable or undesirable consequences, and in general it is better to act in plenty of time. Therefore, during these unprecedented times, remote advice will be the way forward for many more people.



How I digitised a life planning proposition

As coronavirus causes swathes of the population to go into long-term isolation, how can a business based on conversation, questioning and listening stay active? One life planner has made the jump already.

Working with a good online financial adviser can help you through these unprecedented times. Help you see past the headlines and cultivate discipline and a sense of security. With focus on the here and now, mindful of the impact decisions may have on the future. Sourcing income. Considering essential spending. Prioritising necessity over luxury. Knowing you have taken steps to protect your finances and put in place a well-thought-out PLAN B.


What will your world be like when restrictions on movement are lifted? We are here to help you create Your PLAN B.

FREE GUIDE - Your Plan B

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By submitting your download request you will be entered into our weekly draw for a free copy of the book "Your Money, or Your Life!" T&Cs: Open to UK residents aged 18+. Winner chosen at random. Closing date 6pm on Sunday 5th April 2020. 


Brought to you online direct by video Telephony - business operations are unaffected by COVID-19.

The Academy of Life Planning has been a pioneer in the provision of cloud-based and remote communication financial planning services to UK private clients at home and abroad since 2012.


An award-winning, independent organisation - uniquely promoting financial planning without the needless costs or risks of product sales - we offer our clients online advice.


Here are some key personal services we provide:

Do you want to go back to the financial adviser who sells products, or would you try a remote "no-sales" financial adviser? We sell plans, not products!


Non-intermediating: Experts on your side, we don't provide products or hold agency contracts with any product providers. No conflicts of interest. Impartial. You can be assured of our objectivity, fairness and independence.


Our expert services are offered with online personal tuition. Suitable for personal financial planning or as an introduction to becoming a NIFP practitioner.


This website has free information for anyone interested in NIFP including: practitioner listings, event listings, book reviews and information, details of our private NIFP chat group, plus our Blog.

Initial Consultation

£45 for one hour

On-line via video-link advice, taster session and basic financial plan.

Full Financial Plan

Fixed fee £950

We offer the GAME Plan over six or more 90-minute sessions to  deliver fast, high quality results.

Ongoing Service

£45 per month

Quarterly meetings, personal wealth app and unlimited access to our highly skilled team of professionals.

Book Your 60-Minute Online Initial Financial Consultation

For your initial no obligation consultation to review your financial planning requirements, please book via our Shop. The price is £45. Place your order today and we will contact you within two-working-days by phone or email to arrange an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

Earn Extra Income From Home

Side-line idea:  Become a Remote Life & Money Planner!

We train and mentor online life & money planners. For just £45 per month, you could run your own side-line business from home earning over £1,000 per month.

Special Offer: Due to the global economic and medical emergency, we are offering 20 places on a three months' mentorship for just £125. With a commitment to do what it takes to get you up and running as a life & money coach!

Testimonials: "How Steve Changed My Life!": Published Advice From A Client’s Perspective!



As a profession, financial planners spend a lot of time talking about the value they add to clients. But what does it actually feel like to be on the receiving end of great advice? To have your life transformed by the discussions you’ve had? To see your hopes and aspirations come true thanks to that trusted relationship? See what Money Marketing had to say about us - FIND OUT MORE

The Fiduciary Adviser: Fixed-Fee Non-intermediating Financial Planning, Without Muddling Relationships With Commissions!

Our "goal-based" financial advice and planning services appeal to a diverse global clientele, all with wide ranging goals for life. We help them - anytime, anyplace, online - put their best interests first, know what they're paying, avoid conflicts of interest, sort their finances, invest sensibly, avoid cons, save money and, most importantly - put plans in place to achieve their goals!


We will meet you online in the safety of your own home and share content by Zoom video telephony systems through these difficult times. We will help you to make informed choices over WhatsApp, adjust your plans and exchange documents over WeTransfer as your needs and objectives change and help you to feel more relaxed and secure with your finances. Track progress 24/7 with our personal wealth app. We bring you greater peace of mind just where and when you need it most.


We are fee-only and non-intermediating, which means, we sell plans not products!



What We Offer?


Covid-19 Relief Planning

 Investment Planning

 Retirement Planning

 Risk and Insurance Planning

 Tax Planning

 Inheritance and Estate Planning

 School Fees Planning

 Needs analysis and cash flow forecasting

 Life Planning - financial plans for life!



Why We Are Different?

faith neutral and faith friendly. We work in a respectful and sensitive way with different values and perspectives.

Financial planning for hundreds of clients across a variety of sectors, online using cloud-based and remote communication systems - with a difference!












Steve Conley Steve Conley FCII, APFS, RLP

Why Choose Us?


You don't need wealth managers! Former head of investments at HSBC and Chartered Financial Planner, Steve Conley shows you how to manage your own wealth and save hundreds-of-thousands of pounds in unnecessary fees.


Investment Expertise: Qualified and Experienced: Personal Service: Fiduciary Responsibility


Founder Steve Conley is an award-winning global ambassador for transparency and the author of the Amazon best seller: "Your Money or Your Life: Unmask the highway robbers - enjoy wealth in every area of your life."


The Perfect Read When Self-isolating!


"NOW it is time to learn the real rules of the GAME and become the grandmaster rather than the pawn."




"If you don't have a plan of life, you'll never have order!" - Saint Josemaria Escriva

For Consumers

For Advisers

For Employers

Book your 60 Minute Online Financial Consultation - Today!

For your initial no obligation consultation to discuss your financial planning requirements, please book via our Shop. The price is £45. Place your order today and we will contact you within two-working-days by phone or email to arrange an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. 

Media Brands Appeared in the media and at major conferences.


We believe that the greatest value is added for personal financial consumers through financial planning, rather than financial intermediation. The services on offer from the Academy of Life Planning Limited are classed as generic advice and financial education. No financial products are ever sold. No personalised advice or recommendations are ever given in relation to the buying or selling of specific investments. Without exception, we do not arrange or bring about deals, make arrangements with a view to transaction, or cause dematerialised instructions relating to any investment business. We do not advise borrowers about liquidation of debt. We simply offer personal financial plans.


That's how we act as fiduciaries with mass-market appeal and without conflict of interest. We always put our client's best interests first. We cater for everyone. We cater for the 5% who have access to financial intermediaries on account of their wealth. And, we cater for the 95% who have limited access to financial intermediation and remain underserved on account of holding investable assets below regulated financial intermediary thresholds (typically £100,000). We represent the best interests of the general public whatever their age group, wealth-segment, lifestyle, values or preferences.


The Academy may refer customers, with client consent, to registered and regulated financial intermediaries where appropriate. Since the Academy of Life Planning Limited is not a financial intermediary firm, or a provider of financial products, it is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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