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Advice Without Product Is Advice Without Regulation

We are the non-intermediating financial planner’s support group ...

... providing award-winning resources and support to firms around the world. 


Improve your wellbeing, productivity, and ultimately profitability, by joining us in the advice revolution.

  • Non-regulated Adviser Network: set up package and day-to-day assistance.
  • Access to our online mentorship and webclass programme.
  • The latest financial planning industry news and opinions.
  • Consumer Information: resources and support.

We are highly skilled at providing Non-Intermediating Financial Planning firms with a helping hand and reassurance.

We recognise that if you do not have a plan for life, then you don't have order. We also recognise that the mass disintermediation of the financial marketplace since the turn of the century has left a huge advice gap. Our goal is to remove intermediation from the advice process and fill the advice gap with plans for life through our virtual, global home service community.

At the Academy of Life Planning, we provide global non-intermediating financial planners and their firms with all the resources and support they need to run a successful non-regulated advice business, working from anywhere. As the whole world plans towards a post-pandemic "new normal" for life and money, we are your go-to experts for global online financial planning, without the financial intermediation.


Place a wall between advice and product and there is no need for regulation.


Whether you are a consumer or adviser, you can book an initial hour online consultation with Steve Conley by visiting our SHOP.

Book Your initial 60-Minute Online video Appointment from anywhere!

For your initial no obligation consultation, please book via our Shop. The price is £45. Place your order today and we will contact you within two-working-days by phone or email to arrange an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

Why Use Us? You can't just lift a financial intermediation process and drop it into a non-regulated business.

Be a Non-regulated Adviser

We show you how

We train, mentor, and support online non-intermediating financial planners around the world. Your first client covers the cost! Earn while you learn. For just £45 per month, you could run your own business from anywhere, wherever that may be. Interact with other planners, exchange information and develop a fast-growing and professional business.

"I love The Academy of Life Planners concept and I think it’s going to have a big future." - Brett Davidson


"Please tell me more! I’m really interested in moving into financial education, and coaching and not focussing on a ‘product sell’ I’m falling out of love with the industry, the ambulance chasers and how we are made to feel."


"Calling all Financial  Planners take a look at this! I have known Steve Conley for a number of years and I highly recommend and trust him!" 


"This a first class idea and much needed by all those people who have been left behind by previous changes to financial advice provision in the UK. I am certain that £45 per month is a great investment for many people out there.  This cost could be recouped by your clients 10 fold when removing the cost of a traditional financial adviser with his or her high upfront fees and commissions. I wish you well."


"I absolutely believe in providing coaching and planning services that are completely independent of financial products and investment management. After many years, I’ve come to the solid conclusion that strategic financial plans can have far more impact on the lives of individuals, rather than a collection of often random, regulated financial products." 

Our Mission Is To Change The Advice Landscape

"Steve Conley, is on a mission to change the advice landscape and I don’t write these words lightly. His promise? You can give genuine financial advice to your clients, but without the massive PI insurance premiums and compliance hassle. How? By giving what he calls non-intermediated advice ... He’s an impressive guy and a true visionary thinker."


- Brett Davidson, FP Advance (7th April 2020).

The Difference is A Financial Intermediary Talks About Your Money, A Financial Planner Talks About Your Plan.

Your Choices

Global economic and medical emergency.

Your Money

Impacts on your income and long-term savings.

Your Life

By choosing health you may be choosing hardship.

Your Plan

Learn how to create and deliver the GAME Plan.

The global economic emergency disrupts money, the global medical emergency disrupts life. Which do you prioritise?

Our priorities are of course our family’s health and wellbeing. But by choosing health, many choose hardship! What will be left of your PLAN A post lockdown?  Create your roadmap out of the coronavirus crisis. The first step in the GAME Plan is GOAL setting. For this we use the Significant STORIES System. Download the 8 Steps to Your Plan B here for free.

FREE GUIDE - Your Plan B

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By submitting your download request you will be entered into our weekly draw for a free copy of the book "Your Money, or Your Life!" T&Cs: Open to entrants worldwide aged 18+. Winner chosen weekly at random. Closing date 6pm on Sunday 31st May 2020. Last week's winner was Kevin Hayes from Piltown, County Kilkenny in Ireland.

"If you don't have a plan of life, you'll never have order!" - Saint Josemaria Escriva

Why We Are Different?

We don't think that financial intermediation, or ongoing management of your money, adds value when compared to the market.

Planning aside, you can do a better job than any intermediary after costs are taken into consideration. By following simple techniques you can add 25% to your life savings every 20 years. Check out our disruptive book written for disrupted times. Those times are now!


Eight reasons to choose us:

  • Award-winning
  • Trusted
  • Expert & Experienced
  • Stretching Worldwide
  • Online Working From Anywhere
  • Non-intermediating
  • Multi-dimensional
  • Values-based


Steve Conley Andy Agathangelou presents Steve Conley with the Transparency Trophy in September 2017.

Why Choose Us?


Proud to be the 'Transparency Trophy' Winner.


We support the Transparency Taskforce, a collaborative, campaigning community, dedicated to driving up the levels of transparency in financial services, right around the world. They awarded us the 'Transparency Trophy', for improving market integrity in the financial services industry.


We are an international adviser support network with a difference, our advisers don’t sell products they sell plans. Our advisers provide valuable and much needed support for people who must make new life & money plans following the global life & money emergency.


You don't need to intermediate! Former Head of Investments at the world’s biggest banks - and former Business Development Director of one of the UK's largest Independent Financial Adviser networks - Steve Conley shows advisers how to plan their client's wealth & wellbeing without product intermediation.


You can't just drop an intermediating business process into a non-intermediating firm. Disruptive business models look completely different from what is already there. You need tried, tested, and tailored planning processes, specialist support, and expert advice. Check us out with a one-hour conversation. Book online via our shop. We offer a choice of standard mentorship or fast track support.

Take Back Control!

Founder Steve Conley is the author of the Amazon best seller: "Your Money or Your Life: Unmask the highway robbers - enjoy wealth in every area of your life."


A disruptive book written for disrupted times. The definitive survival guide for a global Your Money or Your Life emergency! "NOW it is time to learn the real rules of the GAME and become the grandmaster rather than the pawn."




"Great advice." "Have your life transformed." "That trusted relationship." "Life changing." "Really does add great value to real lives." - Money Marketing

"How Steve Changed My Life!": Published testimonial, Advice From A Client’s Perspective!



As a profession, financial planners spend a lot of time talking about the value they add to clients. But what does it actually feel like to be on the receiving end of great advice? To have your life transformed by the discussions you’ve had? To see your hopes and aspirations come true thanks to that trusted relationship? See what Money Marketing had to say about us - FIND OUT MORE

'You Money or Your Life' really is a book for our times!

The GAME Plan is the perfect relief package and exit strategy from a global life & money emergency.

Money Marketing 14/02/2020






Media Brands As featured in the media and at major conferences.

Book your 60 Minute Online Appointment - Today!

For your initial no obligation consultation to discuss global life & money planning, please book via our Shop. The price is £45. Place your order today and we will contact you within two-working-days by phone or email to arrange an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

For Consumers

For Advisers

For Employers

faith neutral and faith friendly. We work with different values and perspectives in a respectful and sensitive way.

We believe that the greatest value is added for personal financial consumers through financial planning, rather than financial intermediation. The services on offer from the Academy of Life Planning Limited are classed as generic advice and financial education. No financial products are sold. No personalised advice or recommendations are ever given in relation to the buying or selling of specific investments. Without exception, we do not arrange or bring about deals, make arrangements with a view to transaction, or cause dematerialised instructions relating to any investment business. We do not advise borrowers about liquidation of debt. We simply offer personal financial plans.


With the absence of financial intermediation from our financial planning process, this life & money planning can be delivered from anywhere globally to anywhere globally, and remain compliant with rules and regulations of all relevant regions and territories.


That's how our advisers act as fiduciaries with global mass-market appeal and without conflict of interest. We always put our client's best interests first. We cater for everyone. We cater for the 5% who have access to financial intermediaries on account of their wealth. And, we cater for the 95% who have limited access to financial intermediation and remain underserved on account of holding investable assets below regulated financial intermediary thresholds (typically £100,000). We represent the best interests of the general public whatever their age group, wealth-segment, lifestyle, values, preferences or country of residence.


The Academy may refer customers, with client consent, to registered and regulated financial intermediaries in appropriate territories where appropriate. Since the Academy of Life Planning Limited is not a financial intermediary firm, or a provider of financial products, it is not regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority.


The Academy of Life Planning Limited operates as an international financial planner support group. The company offers non-intermediating, compliance, research and technical, personal development, technology support, practice development, introducer, recruitment, marketing support, testimonials, and exit/succession planning services for its members and their firms. In addition, the company offers solutions for consumers, such as retirement planning, investment planning, protection planning, inheritance tax planning, long-term care planning, mortgage planning, and insurance planning. It serves a globalised marketplace through non-intermediating financial planners, advisers, and brokers throughout the world. The Academy of Life Planning Limited was founded in 2012 and is based in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.

Founded: 2012

CEO: Steve Conley

Chairman: Steve Conley

The Academy of Life Planning is registered in England and Wales, registration number 8016568.


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