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The GAME Plan is your plan to financial freedom and more

  • Generate Multi-dimensional Goals
  • Assemble Your Action Plan
  • Manage Your Means
  • Enact Your Execution Plan
  • Build The Business of You
  • One-to-one Planning Online
  • Planning Courses
  • Planning Events
  • Worldwide Clientele
  • Established 2012
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Who is a life plan for?

Escape the treadmill of work existence

Leave the rat-race and pursue your dream as your own boss.

Recover from that mid-life crisis

Disover a new sense of self and purpose for the rest of your life.

Find direction when at a crossroads in life

Faced with two paths the route ahead could combine both.

Two lives coming together into one

When you want to knit together two sets of dreams to one future.

"Don't be the pawn in someone else's game, be the player!" - Steve Conley


The GAME Plan is undoubtably the best multi-dimensional planning model you can find. The results for our clients speak for themselves. 


"What's missing for most is not wealth management ... it's wealth creation and greater wellbeing all round. So, let's create wealth and wellbeing for all, in every area of your life, through multi-dimensional planning." - Steve Conley

Multi-dimensional planning, coaching, books, training and events from the Academy of Life Planning.


The dimensions of The GAME Plan are:


Your Life: Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit.

Your Money, and

Your Business.


The founder of the Academy, Steve Conley, is the author of Your Money or Your Life! Unmask the highway robbers - enjoy wealth in every area of your life.

The Academy of Life Planning Limited was established on 2nd April 2012 in Chorley, Lancashire.

As appeared in the media and at major conferences.

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The services offered by the Academy of Life Planning Limited are classed as generic advice and financial education. No financial products are sold. The firm caters for unserved and underserved people, who do not have significant wealth or income. Supply and demand barriers significantly limit the accessibility of regulated financial intermediation services. The Academy may refer its clients, on their request, to approved and regulated financial intermediaries where appropriate.

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