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"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!" - Benjamin Franklin

Why Is Planning Important?

Mundane is unprofitable; passion generates profit. You are your business, so you need to know what you want to do with the limited time available. And, you need the money in place to support you. Don't trade time for money on the bet you can buy fredom later. Truth is, lifestyle work sees no real growth. Instead grow equity in your work to allow you to earn while you sleep. Now that's what I call a retirement plan! 


Your purpose is your goal. The Life Plan, Financial Plan and Business Plan are what gets you there. You achieve your goal with a three-in-one plan.

Why Plan Now?

Technology allows you to simplify and systemise processes, productise services, outsource and scale. And, you can be your own celebrity with your own marketing funnel for delivery. This really is the best time to earn while you sleep. Every month that goes by you have missed the opportunity for 10-times the income growth. You see 0.2% pm when you could see 2.0% pm as a purpose driven three-in-one planner.


We live but 979 months. Many behind us. The last 200 as a pensioner. Don't look back this time next year wishing that you had taken action today.

AoLP's Unique Branded Solution: The GAME Plan Generator


Goals: Define your own purpose statement.

Actions: Work out the life plan you need to deliver it.

Means: Put in place a personal financial plan to support it.

Execution: Create a business plan to make it happen.


I'm sure you would agree that you need an expert in TIME, MONEY and BUSINESS to put this plan together!


The journey from little or no savings to financial freedom.

Work-life imbalance

Here the focus is on creating your first £5,000 in savings. We do this through 'Your Money, or Your Life!' book, the 'Born to Be' event and access to our private social media communities.

Comfortable Living

Between £5,000 and £100,000 in savings. We plan your path to six-figure comfort  through on-line coaching and 'Your Money, or Your Life! Bootcamp'.

Financial Freedom

Over £100,000 savings. We plan your path to a financial freedom with a focus on managing you as a business through ongoing membership of the Academy.

One-to-one or One-to-couple Coaching online via Zoom, WhatsApp, GoTo and other video conferencing platforms.


Personal Membership: One to one personal coaching for you, your spouse/ civil partner and dependent relatives for three months. £1,500 (or £1,800 for couples). Includes minimum 6 x 90 minutes on-line meetings (6 x 120 minutes for couples) over a 12-week period.


Other services:

  • Born to Be a rebel, crazy one, misfit, troublemaker, round peg in a square hole - join our mailing list for all the latest news and updates, absolutely Free.
  • Your Money, or Your Life! Bootcamp. 4-days, min 30 hours. Max 8 attendees. £3,991.
  • Planner Mentorship: Five day training, six months accreditation, certification, and firm registration £8,991. Planner ongoing certification including a year's mentorship £2,995 per annum (£1,800 pa excluding mentorship).
  • Planner Mastery and firm accreditation £2,995 pa.

Prices include VAT.

One-to-one Coaching Terms & Conditions
Personal Coaching On-line 1-to-1
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