We Are The Best Financial Adviser Support Network

Best Financial Adviser Support Network 2020 & Award for Outstanding Contribution to Finance 2020

Excellence! Commitment! Dedication!

SME News announced our awards on 17th November 2020 for their 2020 Finance Awards, adding "Awardees must be able to demonstrate expertise within their given field, dedication to client service and satisfaction, and commitment to excellence and quality. Victors are not determined by popularity of votes, but by their contributions to their industry and sector."

We have helped with the business development of tens of thousands of advisers and their firms across five decades!


As a financial practitioner you will know that mastering financial planning requires years of training and professional development in the art or soft skills, as much as it does the science or hard skills.


We have trained tens of thousands of advisers on soft and hard skills - insurance company representatives, restricted bank advisers, and independent financial advisers - continuously since the 1980’s.


We know how to run a support network. We bring years of experience of running networks to the non-intermediating financial planning market. Our experience was gained from running one of the UK’s largest independent financial adviser networks.


We have coached countless people, transforming their personal and professional lives through one-to-one coaching, mentorship, directorship, educational newsletters, seminars, private sessions, public appearances, videos, podcasts, articles, products, and books.


We have headed up the wealth divisions of some of the world’s biggest financial institutions. We created multiple market-first, market leaders, award-winners and more. We have created many multi-million-pound businesses. We still do. We are proposition architects. 


We have been practising master life planners and non-intermediating financial planners since 2012.


We started the non-intermediating financial planning movement; we invented the term "non-intermediating financial planner".


Founder Steve Conley as head of pensions development for Refuge Assurance in the 1990's. Here at Hanley Branch, Staffordshire

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