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[Source: LinkedIn Recommendations all at Apr 2022]

Martyn Green

I have know Steve for a long time now and have worked with him on various projects. Steve is a true visionary who leads by example and lives by the golden rule of treating others how he would expect to be treated.

Steve is actively helping financial planners and consumers to become not only financially abundant but abundant in all areas of their lives.

I highly trust and recommend Steve wholeheartedly.

Kay Atkinson

I started working with Steve after attending one of his Born to Be events and it has been invaluable in enabling me to define my focus for moving my business forward as well as achieving the work/life balance I wanted. He not only has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from, he has a great deal of integrity meaning you can be confident in the advice and coaching he offers. I know that he is there for me whenever I need further guidance and I would recommend him and the Game Plan highly.

Jörg Schlüter

I completed Steve’s course on the game plan last year and it has been very helpful in building my financial coaching business. Steve’s coaching is very concise and well thought out and he is a great sounding board for ideas. I would highly recommend checking out Steve and his offerings, particularly if you are considering setting up a life planning business and particularly if you consider transitioning from “traditional” financial adviser to a life planner.

Martin Turbin

Steve is a real trailblazer and has done an enormous amount to further the cause of non intermediated financial advice. He truly cares about his clients and his passion to help other financial advisers transition to or incorporate non intermediated advice into their existing practices shines through.
I am delighted to have engaged him to help with my journey.

Vikas Sharma

Steve is a fantastic professional & a great thought leader when it comes to financial planning & advisory business. Steve is doing amazing work both for clients & financial advisors under The Academy of Life Planning & HapNav - The Happiness Navigator.
I highly recommend working with him to get the best out of your life & business.

Richard Johnston

Steve has a wealth of experience and knowledge about the planning profession, and has a high degree of integrity in all that he does. For those planners hoping to sharpen their skills, whether that is in terms of helping their clients or their business, I would not hesitate in recommending Steve.

George Agan

"Steve’s coaching and GAME Plan process has been extremely helpful in clarifying my goals as a Financial Planner. Steve’s focus is on life beyond just the numbers and I found his insight and approach very useful in planning a more holistic approach to building wealth. Steve is passionate about helping people who may be left out by traditional financial services models and I’d recommend him to anyone wanting to consider life planning beyond just financial products!" 


"Steve provides great support to those progressive minded Financial Advisers who look to put the needs and desires of their Clients at the heart of their service offering. Through G.A.M.E, Advisers are able to demonstrate an effective process for helping Clients to produce a plan for their life and then support this with a relevant financial plan. Steve helps Advisers show their Clients how they can plan to achieve their desired lifestyle taking into account their available resources - not just their money." - Gary Arthurs





“We experienced it with Steve as clients first and then bought the product. Steve has been a champion for and with us in mentoring and training us so effectively that we are in many ways the embodiments of what the Kenwell GAMETM Plan is.” - Kenwell FLP


What Is Non-Intermediating Financial Planning?


Non-intermediating financial planning (NIFP) is an international movement started by us in England in 2012. Today, we operate across six continents. In the U.S.A. they call us Asset Strategists.


We are the world's first non-intermediating financial planning network.


We train, mentor, and support a fast-growing, global, online, NIFP community. We share a masterplan you can follow, the business blueprint and toolkit to set up and run a successful NIFP Small & Medium Enterprise (SME). Enjoy being part of a fast-growing network of like-minded people. A supportive online global community.


We are a one-stop shop providing everything you need.


There are many highly skilled and reputable trainers, who specialise on aspects of NIFP: such as listening skills, financial coaching, and financial life planning. We respect them, recommend them to deelpen you knowledge, and encourage you to use them to improve your abilities. But when the training is done, then what? How do you build and run a successful business? 


There is only one place that provides everything you need to have, and teaches you everything you need to know, to set up and run a successful NIFP business - and holds your hand from start to finish - and that's right here. 


We provide regular one-to-one personalised and expert mentorship. Enjoy monthly one-to-one, online, coaching support to help you develop an exciting, fast-growing, future-proofed, profitable, valuable, and sustainable new business.


Learn a unique holistic planning process that creates and preserves wealth for your clients. That creates wealth & wellbeing in every area of their lives. Our comprehensive packages include the much-coveted G.A.M.E. Plan Accreditation and G.A.M.E. Plan Mentor Accreditation certificates. As a qualified practitioner, you will have life planning skills, financial planning skills, financial coaching skills, proposition development skills, asset stategy skills, and business planning skills.


We are not aware of any other firm that provides you with a complete business model that you are free to use, modify and share commercially without fear of infringing intellectual property rights. Our model is 'open source': copyright-free.


All this is personalised to your Unique Selling Proposition and offered at amazingly affordable prices. We wanted to create an absolute 'no-brainer' decision for any aspiring, sustainable, future-ready financial planning practice.


Enjoy free access to the world's first end-user lifetime financial planning tool linked to open banking software.


Enjoy much, much more ...


World's #1 Non-Intermediating Financial Planning Network

Create Wealth For You And Your Clients With The G.A.M.E. Plan. Our Exclusive NIFP Process, Includes Purpose Defining, Whole-Person Goal Setting, Project Planning, HapNav - The Happiness Navigator, Proposition Development Tools For Building SMEs, Ikigai Creation Frameworks And Much More In The Best Financial Adviser Support Network For SMEs Ever.

World's #1 End-User Financial Planning App With An Open Banking App Inside

HapNav - The Happiness Navigator, is the first end-user financial planning application with an open banking app inside, available exclusively through the Academy of Life Planning. Brought to you in partnership with Envizage, a WEALTHTECH100 firm.

We Are Reshaping The Definition Of Financial Planning


We specialise in supporting Non-Intermediating Financial Planners. We provide support to you either as a stand-alone service in a firm regulated for distributing securities, or as a separate non-regulated business. 


We take a real tailored hands-on interest in your business, where your support is bespoke and you will feel part of a network of like-minded people. We help planners grow their businesses compliantly, professionally, and profitably. We instil confidence in you and your business.


We offer the job lot. Our range of services includes the sharing of a license-free blueprint, compliance advice, marketing support, general guidance, business documentation, proven processes, wealth technology, mentoring, coaching, training, webinars, helpdesk support, events, and much more. We are a one-stop-shop for the lot.


We Move With The Times, To Keep You Resilient and Future-Ready


The journey from an intermediating financial adviser to a non-intermediating financial planner is often more challenging and time-consuming than people think. We help you save time and money. For those who successfully complete the journey, the rewards for the firm and clients are immense.


The Academy of Life Planning adviser support network will give you the blueprint, tools, and practical help to shorten your journey, and save you money, as you transition to the non-intermediating financial planner. We believe we are the world's first network to offer to support you in setting up and growing a successful non-intermediating financial planning firm.


We deliver online support and personalised solutions to a global network of online non-intermediating financial planners and their firms. With a focus on non-intermediating financial planning, our members are typically small, life or financial, planning or coaching, firms, around the world, servicing a global tribe of satisfied clients online, face-to-face, in groups, workplaces, or via a subscription model.


Our virtual support team and planning members are knowledgeable, friendly, and there to help. They are extremely helpful in all areas and have the appropriate knowledge, experience, and qualifications relevant to their roles and the areas in which they may be assisting you.


Do You Want Your Business To Reflect Your Own Values?


If buying personalised support works well for you, our specialised support is award-winning and second to none. We tailor make our support to meet your unique and individual requirements. We build the business of you. We work with you on a one-to-one basis, because all businesses are not the same.


We keep up to date with current regulations. We provide impartial views and recommendations. We are very approachable if ever you have any concerns. We deal with things efficiently and quickly.


Our core service brings together the best in online personalised support. This level of support is designed to:

  • Provide face-to-face, via Zoom, one-to-one tailored mentorship support - for the same price as, or less than, a typical automated one-to-many training programme. Discuss matters in private. Receive 100% of our attention. Build a Unique Branded System. 
  • Provide an out-of-the-box non-intermediating financial planning business framework for you to adapt, use, and share commercially without licensing issues. You need this new way because disruptor business models are completely different from what's already there. We help you to unlearn old ways and habits, and replace them with a new paradigm of thinking.
  • Provide you with a compliant, tried, and tested planning process suitable for holistic non-intermediating financial planning, with utmost professionalism and efficiency. Using the whole-person paradigm, to satisfy the four basic needs of your clients: to live, to learn, to love, and to leave a lasting legacy.
  • Keep you informed of relevant issues – saving you time searching for and reading articles, regulatory reports, and surveys.
  • Provide you with up-to-date guidance and specimen procedural documents – saving you time in creating documents from scratch, and saving you on legal fees drafting them.
  • Provide you with someone to email for those difficult day-to-day issues – giving you the reassurance that you are adopting the correct approach. You can always email us, as often as you like, and a suitably qualified person will reply at no extra cost.
  • Provide you with a comprehensive development programme for you and your staff. Whilst we encourage you to develop your skills through quality additional third-party training courses available in the market, everything you need can be found right here within our unique programmes. This saves you money.
  • UNIQUELY: We are particularly helpful with your step-by-step transition from the financial intermediary to a non-intermediating financial planner.

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We offer a proven development framework to attract new clients.


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