Business Plans Create Wealth

When you drop the financial asset sales, financial planning becomes about creating wealth through business assets.

People create wealth. Not products.


Regulated financial advisers use financial planning to sell financial assets and personal pension assets.


Financial assets according to the UK Office for National Statistics are formal investments such as a bank or building society current or saving accounts, investment vehicles such as Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs), endowments, stocks and shares, and informal savings (money under the bed or loaned to family or friends) and children’s assets.


Regulated financial advisers make personal product recommendations. Personalisation can only ever be delivered on a one-to-one basis. Time is limited; therefore, service is limited. The number of advisers is limited. Regulated advice is not a scalable operation and can only be delivered to the five percent who are wealthy.


Non-intermediating financial planning is generic advice and financial education. Because it is non-intermediating there is no asset bias. No assets are sold. It doesn't matter if your assets are financial assets, pension assets, property assets, business assets, or physical assets. There can be no conflicted remuneration and no conflict of interest.


Non-intermediating financial planning can be delivered in groups. It can even be delivered in eBooks and online courses. Knowhow is unlimited, and so are the prospects for the planner’s business. This style of planning is scalable, more affordable, and accessible for everyone.


When you drop product sales and wealth management, financial planning becomes about wealth creation.


Non-intermediating financial planners create wealth for the unwealthy with the one asset that is created with your intellectual property and physical effort. The business asset. Your economic activity creates wealth, all other assets merely manage created wealth. When you want to create wealth, you need a business plan.


In a global economic and medical crisis, ordinary people require more wealth.


People create wealth, not products. Products protect wealth or redistribute wealth. Products manage wealth for those who are wealthy. 


Let the product sellers continue to sell products to the wealthy.


What the unwealthy and underserved need most, as we emerge from a global economic and medical emergency, is an accessible plan to create wealth. Like a three-year profit & loss account and a balance sheet added to the lifetime wealth forecast for the “Business of You”!


Wealth creation is not a service typically delivered by the traditional financial adviser; intermediaries simply sell products.


A traditional financial planner must unlearn the product sales process and learn the wealth creation process, to become a successful non-intermediating financial planner.


We sell plans, not products. 


We do create wealth through planning and coaching, we do not manage wealth or sell products. We educate the client to manage their own wealth.


For planners out there. Future-proof your revenue streams. Insure your business from the uncertainties of global, economic, regulatory, or medical threats. Diversify into non-intermediating financial planning.


Because we are non-intermediating, we do not need to visit you in person. It has been business as usual for us during these exceptional times. We are still able to offer you the same quality service, which is remote, secure, and easy to receive.

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