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... all I can tell you is it changed my life!


I was quite frankly blown away!



Cut Steve in half and you will find integrity and ethics running through his core.


Big thanks to Steve for helping plant that seed to change my mindset.

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Everyone can benefit from good financial planning. But only a small percentage of UK adults have a financial plan, or an adviser they can turn to.


We want to change that. In our view, we should all have access to a professional planner regardless of our wealth or circumstances.

Advice From The Client’s Perspective.


As a profession, financial planners spend a lot of time talking about the value they add to clients. But what does it actually feel like to be on the receiving end of great advice? To have your life transformed by the discussions you’ve had? To see your hopes and aspirations come true thanks to that trusted relationship?

From escaping dead-end jobs to divorces and deaths in the family, Money Marketing has spoken to seven real clients about the moments advice changed their lives for our special report, Advice From The Client’s Perspective.

This interactive digital supplement also includes a podcast and videos with a number of clients.

We hope you find it a useful resource in proving once and for all that great advice really does add great value to real lives, so feel free to share it on your websites, with clients, or with colleagues.

The Psychic Accountant: Emma's Story.

Emma went from depressing Edgeware to scintillating Hollywood in under two years.

"In 2016, I was living in London doing the same thing every day … day-in, day-out … running my business that I wasn’t passionate about. Hiding the fact that I’m a psychic. Not really feeling understood in my life. Nothing made sense anymore. I just felt really bored and hopeless. When I met Steve, he came to me and said, “Life isn’t meant to be like this. You can really be the whole of you. You can be the accountant. You can be the psychic. In fact, you should be. That’s who you were born to be.” I felt in my heart that was true, but I didn’t really know what to do. Steve became my life planner and helped me plan my dream life. My vision was that I’d live in America and that I would run a business that was congruent to who I am; that blends together business and spirituality. Where I’m up to now? Now I’m living in Hollywood, I run a business called Raise the Vibe Accountants, where I blend together my accountancy knowledge with spirituality. I offer intuitive consulting to help people bring balance to their lives. I’m living my dream life. If you’re considering working with Steve and you’re not sure whether to take that first step, all I can tell you is it changed my life and now I am living a dream life that I never thought was possible. Really live the life you were born to live. Go ahead." Emma Perry, 2018


Emma - The Moon School

"All I can tell you is it changed my life."

"Essential tool to building the life I wanted."

"When I was on the graduate scheme at a bank, I was mentored by Steve who told me all about life planning. It helped me think ahead to what I wanted my life to be like, visualise it and be open to opportunities to help me get there.
While working in Banking for 10 years, I began a blog which eventually became my “side hustle” and taught me skills in building and managing a brand. This in turn enabled me to go freelance and pursue my hobby full time and earn money while doing what I love.
I had also imagined what I wanted my house to be like, down to the wallpaper on the wall and the theme running through it and 4 years into my career we bought that house and 5 years later we have just bought our second house, enabling us to earn an additional income from the first.
Life planning has been an essential tool to building the life I wanted and imagined and a big thanks to Steve for helping plant that seed to change my mindset."
Binny Shah-Patel, Outstanding Woman of the Year at the She Awards 2021.

Binny Shah-Patel

My Dream Farm - Joanne.

Hi Steve,


I thought I would drop you a line to update you as to where Stephen and I are in our journey for our farm.


On the 4th November 2020, we put in an offer on a 15-acre farm at Newton Arlosh which was accepted.  Last week we put our own house on the market and today accepted an offer for our own house. 


Subject to everything moving forward successfully, we will likely be in our new home in the early part of 2021.


Our journey first started in Sept/Oct 2019 when you introduced us to Graham (mortgage guy) and we started to make preparations to look at buying farms although the one we looked at did not go ahead.


In March 2020, we talked to you about our plans and how we would make them happen – the plan was to have our farm by 2024 I believe but I wanted to share with you that we will realise that dream 3 years earlier than predicted in 2021.


Although our offer was to only access 15 acres, the previous owners who had more land up for sale when our offer was put in – did not actually sell the land and they have suggested that in 2/3 years – they would happily sell another 36 acres to us.


I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and the plans that you did for us that inspired us to work towards realising our dream – which we will hopefully do in the next few months.


Kindest regards & take care

I have attached some photos of our new home-to-be. ?



What others say ...


"I recently attended one of Steve's seminars, and was quite frankly blown away! Definitely worth checking out, irrespective of your circumstances! Great work Steve! keep it up."  Mike Manaley, 2014


"Brilliant life planning session with Steve Conley, I'd certainly recommend him to anyone wanting to find their passion in life and to create the plan to reach it!" Hazel Johnson, 2017




Mike Manaley

"Quite frankly blown away."

“My friend Steve Conley is a rare man indeed. Steve was one of the most senior and powerful bankers in the world. As well other senior positions he headed up Investment at both HSBC and RBS. So why is Steve rare? 

Cut Steve in half and you will find integrity and ethics running through his core. The same can not be said for most bankers. Steve was actually fired by that bastion of honesty RBS, prior to their undoing, for pushing an 'ethical' policy. The irony of it!

Steve at heart is a caring maverick. His mission now, having left banking behind, is to radically change the financial services industry, to re-calibrate it, to make it more about 'people and not just profit. 

He has the ear of those at the top, both of banking and government. He is determined and passionate. This is a man who should not be underestimated. He will change things for the better. 

I listened to Steve speak yesterday about how is now helping ordinary people to plan and live more fulfilling lives. It is clear to me his success is down to his enthusiasm, drive, and commitment to his worthy cause. I am grateful to call Steve Conley a friend.”

Chris Stoner, September 2017

Chris Stoner

"More about 'people' and not just profit"

What did the industry experts have to say about Steve?

He's on a mission to change the advice landscape and I don’t write these words lightly.

 I’ve known him for most of my 16 years living here in the UK. He hired me in 2005 for a job with a large network where he was leading a change management project. He’s an impressive guy and a true visionary thinker.

I just want to share a simple thought I’ve had for the longest time about you.

“Don’t have any idea about implementation or how, but you really should be running one of these banks. You’re a man of immense vision, with knowledge of all the pieces and pockets of community and profit that are necessary to make a bank thrive. You understand things quickly and make things happen. But most of all you see into the future, much as Steve Jobs did, and are as passionate and dedicated to making an organisation both ‘aesthetically beautiful’ and brilliantly profitable, understanding that the key is the customer, delivering something of magnificent value for them. There aren’t many like you, and if this is your career, you should be at the top.”

Steve has made this book and our groundbreaking business possible.

"We experienced it with Steve as clients first and then bought the product.


Steve has been a champion for and with us in mentoring and training us so effectively that we are in many ways the embodiments of what the Kenwell GAMETM Plan is.


Steve has a track record of truly gigantic achievements as a leader of internationally known businesses, a thought leader and an entrepreneur. All of which you only learn about as you get to know him.


His genuine modesty and authentic passion to help people live happy lives and his ability to walk his talk in the way he shows up in relationships, and his services has convinced us we were in good company.


His contribution has made our journeys much easier and more productive in bringing our vision into reality."


David Howell & John Kenny-Levick, authors of The Financial Game Changer - How to create wealth in every area of your life. December 2021.


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