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The Medley Bundle - The GAME Plan Done By You

Plan For Wealth, Health, & Happiness By Building Your Own GAME Plan

Choose Your Favourite Future


When you plan for happiness, you ask the question, "What makes you happy?" You then put in place the wealth to support it. 


When you don't have sufficient wealth, you put in place a plan to create it. The best way to build wealth is to plan like a business plan. You take what you are good at, what you enjoy, what the world needs and would pay for - and do that. You create wealth for yourself from work that doesn't feel like work, from which you may never wish to retire. You can then choose to use excess wealth to help others be happy. You navigate happiness!


The Medley bundle is Steve Conley's book (paperback, including postage and packaging). Your Money or Your Life: Unmask the highway robbers - enjoy wealth in every area of your life, together with e-workbooks in PDF format.


  • Stand & Deliver: Discovering Your Money and Your Life
  • The Significant STORIES System
  • The Proposition Development Framework


This is designed to accompany HapNav - The Happiness Navigator (purchased separately for £6.99 per month - available on a 30-day free trial). This unique fintech application is a user-centred lifetime net worth modeller, integrating to an open banking platform. With this, you can view your finances and see values updated in real-time.


"Make it a habit to track your net worth. Charting a course to financial freedom begins with and requires knowing where you are."


- From The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing, by Lindauer, Larimore, and LeBoeuf.


Your choice is: done by you, done with you, or done for you.


The done by you options are:

  • HapNav plus Medley - A one-off support package as you track your net worth with HapNav (not included).
  • Membership (Includes HapNav) - An ongoing support package with group webinars and networking opportunities.

See Shop for details.


The Game Plan is brought to you digitally, direct by video conferencing, real-time messaging, and content sharing - you can work with us from your home or workplace. Whatever your age, wealth bracket, lifestyle, values, preferences, or location - you can tailor-make a detailed and personal life & money plan that is precisely right for you.


We are non-intermediating financial planners, which means we sell plans, not products. We do not muddle relationships with commissions. We have no agency agreements with product providers, making us independent financial planners. We will place your best interest first.


We are UK based serving a worldwide clientele.


Plus - The Happiness Navigator

The HapNav simulation engine considers risks to a household’s future plans from financial markets as well as from life events like mortality, disability, health, and long-term care. Its next-best actions cover the full range of financial products, from savings and investments to insurance and borrowing, as well as lifestyle and other considerations.


What Do We include In the Medley bundle?


  • The paperback book by Steve Conley, Your Money or Your Life: Unmask the highway robbers - enjoy wealth in every area of your life (includes postage and packaging - international business class - expected delivery in up to six working days worldwide)
  • Stand and Deliver! Discovering your money and your life. The e-workbook in PDF format explains the Game Plan.
  • The Significant STORIES System is an e-workbook in PDF format for setting goals.
  • The Proposition Development Framework is an e-workbook in PDF format for designing a business plan for meaningful projects that create wealth in every area of your life.
  • PLUS. We include everything that is in the Materials programme.
  • It excludes HapNav - The Happiness Navigator. This financial planning application can be purchased separately for £6.99 per month from the HapNav website (available with a 30-day free trial).


Join the GAME Membership

With our ongoing monthly subscription, you can learn to continuously explore exciting possibilities to reinvent yourself to live your best life. We include HapNav - the Happiness Navigator. Price £49 per month. See Shop for One Month Trial.


The rules and laws of the United Kingdom, and other territories, class the Academy of Life Planning Limited services as generic advice and financial education. We do not sell financial products. We do not give personalised advice or recommendations concerning the buying or selling of specific investments. Without exception, we do not arrange or bring about deals, make arrangements with a view to transactions, or cause dematerialised instructions relating to any investment business. We do not advise borrowers about the liquidation of debt. We offer personal financial plans. Since we are NOT an intermediary financial firm (distributor) or a provider of financial products, we are not registered with nor are we regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority. If you want to find out more, why not contact us and request our terms and conditions.


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