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Do you ever find you have more month than money? When you register on our mailing list we will send you our FREE tools and videos to help you manage your finances from one payday to the next. As a bonus, we will enter you into our monthly prize draw for a MEDLEY bundle. Winners are drawn at random from new registrations. Our apps will help you work out how much money you will need for the days, weeks and months ahead. It’s easy to use and the better your inputs, the more accurate the forecast. To access all of this simply subscribe to our mailing list. It's free, no payment details are required.

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Easily forecast your income and expenses in our visual pay-cheque to pay-cheque cash forecasting tool.


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In just a few minutes create your budget for the year ahead using our unique, flexible tool.


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Flipside Financial Education CIC is a Community Interest Company with expertise in finance and education. Together we aim to solve the significant problems in society caused by poor money management skills. We are passionate about helping to create a shift in the way people view and make financial decisions.



When you sign up to our mailing list, you get free help and support for our end-user lifetime wealth planning application linked to your bank account - HapNav - The Happiness Navigator. We offer e-mail support, monthly web classes, tutorials, demos, and the HapNav Technical Guide.


You also get free money-saving tips and tools and an entry into our monthly free prize draw for a MEDLEY pack.


Unique App

We are not aware of any other end-user financial planning application with an open banking application built in.



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Access our free technical guide to HapNav, when you join our mailing list.

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Born to Be is our FaceBook Page! Loads of free content and videos. Please follow us.

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With our Medley bundle, you can explore exciting possibilities to reinvent yourself to live your best life with the GAME Plan. It's our DIY pack, including a book and e-workbooks. It's on offer with a 70% discount of just £28.50. See Shop for details. A separate subscription for HapNav is required at £6.99 per month. Available with a 30-day free trial.


The rules and laws of the United Kingdom, and other territories, class the Academy of Life Planning Limited services as generic advice and financial education. We do not sell financial products. We do not give personalised advice or recommendations concerning the buying or selling of specific investments. Without exception, we do not arrange or bring about deals, make arrangements with a view to transactions, or cause dematerialised instructions relating to any investment business. We do not advise borrowers about the liquidation of debt. We offer personal financial plans. Since we are NOT an intermediary financial firm (distributor) or a provider of financial products, we are not registered with nor are we regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority. If you want to find out more, why not contact us and request our terms and conditions.


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