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Join the community of like-minded entrepreneurs constantly reimagining their favourite future.

Plan for wealth, health, & happiness by building the business of you


When you plan for happiness, you ask the question, "What makes you happy?" You then put in place the wealth to support it. 

When you don't have sufficient wealth, you put in place a plan to create it. The best way to create wealth is to plan like a business. You can then choose to use excess wealth to help others be happy. You navigate happiness!


We will provide you with your HapNav - The Happiness Navigator. This application is a user-centred lifetime cash flow modeller - with an integration to an open banking platform. With this, you can view your finances and see values updated in real-time.


In addition, we provide club members with:

  • Monthly one-hour live video group meetings with Steve Conley.
  • Workbooks and guides to work through at your own pace.
  • Your Game Plan network Facebook page to meet other club members.
  • Access to our materials library, including a back catalogue of videos, podcasts, and blog posts.


The Game Plan is brought to you digitally, direct by video conferencing, real-time messaging, and content sharing - you can work with us from your home or workplace. Whatever your age, wealth bracket, lifestyle, values, preferences, or location - you can tailor-make a detailed and personal life & money plan that is precisely right for you.


We are non-intermediating financial planners, which means we sell plans, not products. We do not muddle relationships with commissions. We have no agency agreements with any product providers, making us very independent financial planners. We will place your best interest first.


We are UK based serving a worldwide clientele.



The Happiness Navigator

The HapNav simulation engine considers risks to a household’s future plans from financial markets as well as from life events like mortality, disability, health, and long-term care. Its next-best actions cover the full range of financial products, from savings and investments to insurance and borrowing, as well as lifestyle and other considerations.

The GAME Plan Club


The Game Plan Club is a household level subscription service. For a set monthly subscription that you are free to cancel at any time, we offer a model for all your finances and provide the GAME Plan support.


You can join us digitally in the safety of your own home, wherever you live globally, and we share content digitally and by Zoom video telephony systems. We will help you make informed choices, adjust your plans as your circumstances change and help you to feel more relaxed and secure with life & money planning.


Our clients have the opportunity to track progress 24/7 with our wealth app, HapNav - the Happiness Navigator. We bring greater peace of mind just where and when you need it most.


The subscription service includes as standard:

  • Document what your aims and plans are for the future in our 8 Steps to Your Plan B workbook.
  • Set your personal goals for wealth in every area of your life, not just your bank account.
  • Identify your life purpose and align your plan to that path.
  • Create a project plan to achieve your goals.
  • We help you complete HapNav, looking at current assets and liabilities, and incomes and expenditures, as well as expected changes in the future.
  • Provide financial education about Investments, Investment Risk, Capacity for Loss, Pensions, Protection, General Insurance, and self-implemented product solutions in our live video meetings and back catalogue of support materials.
  • Help you conduct a detailed analysis of your current finances using HapNav.
  • Help you create a cash flow scenario report of your current situation – this will determine whether you have enough money to achieve your objectives. This data is private to you.
  • Help you create a second cashflow scenario report, which involves various options to determine whether you have enough money to achieve new objectives. This data is also private to you.
  • Where you need extra wealth, we help you to create it. Using our workbook 8 Steps to Your Success, we help you create a three-year profit and loss account for a side-hustle and a detailed business plan to add to your cash flow scenario report.
  • We help you apply a Stress Test. This test will look at investment volatility and determine whether you’d have a problem in the event of a market downturn.
  • We will help you produce a GAME Plan and assist with its execution through ongoing support.
  • The Game Plan is a cycle. You can repeat the process repeatedly to reimagine your favourite future and live your best life constantly.
  • Our unlimited Q&A service by email is usually answered within two working days.



Join the GAME Plan Club

With our ongoing monthly subscription, you can learn to continuously explore exciting possibilities to reinvent yourself to live your best life. We include HapNav - the Happiness Navigator. Price £49 per month. See Shop for One Month Trial.

Digital Delivery of Financial Planning

In a post covid-19 economy, people expect wealth relationships to be digital with the comfort of personal interaction. 


The services on offer from the Academy of Life Planning Limited are classed as generic advice and financial education. No financial products are sold. No personalised advice or recommendations are ever given in relation to the buying or selling of specific investments. Without exception, we do not arrange or bring about deals, make arrangements with a view to transactions, or cause dematerialised instructions relating to any investment business. We do not advise borrowers about the liquidation of debt. We simply offer personal financial plans. Since the Academy of Life Planning Limited is NOT a financial intermediary firm or a provider of financial products, it is NOT regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority.


If you would like to find out more, why not contact us for more details.


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