Choose Your Favourite Future With Confidence.

When it comes to life's big decisions, it helps to model the scenario first ... rather than simply take a blind leap of faith.

Our Financial Planners Provide Financial Plans!

The Game Plan 

Our planners follow a process that is built to identify your true self, build true wealth and get your life back on track quickly.

Why Choose Us?

Our planners are trained to a high standard and the quality of the plans they provide is assured. Whatever your goals.

How We Can Help

Our planners model "what if" scenarios to help you measure up to your favourite financial future.

Our Direct Advice

What's our "Secret"? The Academy Direct has the experience and expertise to help you run your own money. 

Why Choose A Non-Intermediating Financial Planner?


Do you want to change your life for the better?


Change requires a solid plan combining a life plan and a financial plan. We call it a GAME Plan.


We are non-intermediating. That means we do not sell financial products like ISAs, investments, pensions, mortgages. You don't always need long-term investments to make short-term life changes.


And if you do want those things, you can source these direct from providers safely and comfortably. We will show you how. We find that intermediation muddies the waters of a planning relationship.


When our clients see a range of possible futures before them, they want some help choosing the right path. They want to see a theoretical financial model before they make the physical change. We call this model a "what-if" scenario. Our clients ask us to explore several "what-if" scenarios so they can choose the best one for them.



"If you don't have a plan of life, you'll never have order!"                                          - Saint Josemaria Escriva.

Our members provide their clients with unique lifetime wealth planning tools.

Empower! Inform! Educate!

Many people have no idea what their best life is, never mind how to plan to live it. Use our financial planning software, HapNav - The Happiness Navigator - to explore options and improve your life and future. Our analytics change the way you identify, understand, and manage, the risks to your future plans and aspirations. We help you understand your needs, identify prospective areas of development, and make the best decisions while reducing the cost of navigating your way to happiness. 

Meet our financial planners from around the world


Unlike financial intermediaries, we work for the buyer, not the seller, which puts us in the business of finding out precisely what our clients are after.


For crucial life and money decisions, you can't just put things on hold and do nothing. You have important choices to make. It would be best if you had answers. All of which means that life and money advice can't wait.


You need a solid plan for your life, backed up by a revised financial plan for your money, an investment philosophy you believe in, and an accessible and dependable financial adviser who has your best interests at heart.


Discover your meaningful projects; discover your Ikigai - the nexus of what you are good at, what you love, what the world needs and for what you get paid. This nexus is the optimum route for creating wealth in every area of your life.



We help people with practical questions like:


Can you help me understand my financial products?

When can I afford to retire?

Will I outlive my capital?

How do I afford to improve my work-life balance?

How can I afford to quit my job and set up my own business?

How can I stop myself from sabotaging my finances?

How can I best use the internet to run my own money?

How can I earn more than I spend?

How can I own more than I owe?

How do I create wealth?

How do I earn while I sleep?

How do I secure my family's financial future?


60-Minute Online Financial Consultation

For your 60-minute no-obligation consultation to discuss your financial planning requirements, please order via our Shop. Place your order today, and we will contact you within two working days to arrange an appointment at a time convenient for you. 


"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!" - Benjamin Franklin

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