Our Retirement Advice and Planning Approach

How Other Advisers Do It

Maybe they assume you want to accumulate money your entire working life, the best part of fifty years, to take the bet you can enjoy life in your last 16 years.


Perhaps they suggest you max out your pension contributions and tie up life savings in assets that are illiquid until you are aged 55.


Perhaps their fees are contingent on you buying their pension products.


Potentially they charge you an initial fee and an ongoing fee that is a percentage of your life savings. When the work they do doesn't depend on how much money you have.


Possibly they claim that their investment management approach beats the markets after charges.


Maybe they treat your money as their client instead of you.



How We Do It

We look at the life you want to live now and for the rest of your life, and we provide a lifetime cash flow forecast to ensure you have no shortfalls and don't outlive your capital.


Here we look at liquidity. As some of our clients plan to leave the rat race before age 55 and want to be able to access their life savings.


What if your adviser didn't sell products? We provide a fair, impartial analysis about the pension you hold and those you can access yourself direct from the market.


We charge a flat fee based on the work we do.


We provide empirical evidence from top academic institutions that shows that few managers beat the markets after charges.


We plan our client's ideal life, then look at the financial architecture that needs to be in place to support it.



Why is proper retirement planning important?


We're sure you would agree, if you feel you are being forced into someone else's plan and you would like to be in charge of your own, then you need a system you can trust.


Well, a non-intermediating retirement planning system is that trusted process.


It's important because many people lose the bet, that they can buy happiness in their last sixteen years. You may need to plan some liquidity into your portfolio for significant life goals. You may wish to avoid conflicts of interest created by biased incentives for advisers. You may not want to be part of the adviser's firm's asset hoovering exercise to generate recurring revenues for them instead of for you. You may wish to cut out unnecessary non-value-adding middlemen.


Let's face it. If you are losing 2% of your life savings per annum for the next 40 years, you lose a total of 80% of your life savings in unnecessary fees and charges.


Why now?


We live less than a thousand months. Many of those months are behind us, and the last 200 months we are retired. I'm sure you will agree, a month isn't a very long time. It soon passes. So, the sooner we do something about it the better.



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