Our Investment Advice and Planning Approach

No false claims from snake-oil salesmen ...

... about how they have a crystal ball and can pick stocks, time selection and beat the markets.

How Other Advisers Do It

Maybe your adviser is employed by a product provider and is restricted to offering you investments from their own firm.


Possibly your adviser describes their service as independent, this does not mean that they are independent of product providers. They hold agencies with several product providers. They are free to choose for which providers they wish to be appointed as selling gents. Often they have an investment proposition at their firm. Where funds from the market are chosen, formed into portfolios, and you are assessed and placed into one.


Potentially your adviser tells you that they can beat the market, basing their promise on returns they have little control over. 


Maybe the adviser has invested your money in funds where they have an undisclosed conflict of interest. Or trade more frequently than they should to take hidden trading charges.


Perhaps they have invested your money in high risk investments that you do not understand. Or maybe they have invested you in low risk/ low return investments that you do understand and will not make a mistake with, instead of providing education about how to invest.


Perhaps they take an initial fee contingent on you investing with them and an ongoing fee expressed as a percentage of your funds under their management.


Possibly you are part of an 'asset hoovering' exercise where the firm takes a recurring revenue from your assets under their management, whilst delivering little in the way of service and returns that fail to beat markets after charges.

How We Do It

Imagine this. Your adviser has separated advice from the product. A wall is placed between the two. All potential conflicts of interest are therefore eliminated.


Here, you are provided with financial education. You are shown how to shop around the market for investment platforms and investment funds direct, for market returns. That is, returns that most experts fail to beat after charges.


Picture this. You cut out all the unnecessary, non-value-adding, middlemen, who might otherwise be taking a large slice of your profits for no good reason.


Here. You can be assured that there will be no false claims from snake-oil salesmen, about how they have a crystal ball and can pick stocks, time selection and beat the markets. Where all the empirical evidence from leading academics suggest otherwise.


What if you can buy and hold diverse, passive and reward-risk optimised portfolios that are straight-forward and easily understood and are more likely to deliver higher returns after charges than most actively managed solutions.


Here, you are provided with financial education on behavioural finance, to reduce the risks of selling low and buying high. And reduce the frictional trading costs on maintaining your portfolio.


What if you can save 1% per annum on unnecessary charges, which over the next 50 years would double the value of your life savings. That is, 1% x 50 years equals another 50% on your life savings.


Why is proper investment planning important?


We're sure you would agree, if you feel you are being forced into someone else's wealth growing plan - one that grows wealth for them rather than you - and you would like to be in charge of your own, then you need a system you can trust.


Well, a non-intermediating investment planning system is that trusted process.


It's important because investors have, for decades, been handing over a large proportion of their returns to intermediaries without knowing it. Most UK equity funds available ten years ago performed so poorly that they no longer exist. Investors are routinely hit with more than a hundred fees and charges, many of them hidden; typically, they're paying around ten times more than they think they are. It pays to have an impartial investment expert on your side.



Why now?


The sooner investors realise about the missing millions from UK funds, the sooner they can start to do something about it. Also, consider the impact on our planet. The amount of funds that go needlessly into sin stocks, where every pound we invest can be a powerful vote for the change you want to see in the world. Now is the time, take back control.



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