Our Inheritance Planning and Estate Planning Process

How Other Advisers Do It

Maybe you are advised to accumulate as much as you can throughout your working life.


Perhaps putting as much control of your life savings with others, or ring-fenced in trusts, to utilise your inheritance tax allowances and exemptions.


Potentially the focus is on maximising the financial estate for your dependents and their families, whilst minimising tax liability.


Possibly. All the while, the advisers charge a percentage of these accumulated and optimised assets under management, and so too do the providers they have agencies with.


Maybe the inheritance is all about the money, as if a pay-out is all that mattered to your nearest and dearest.



How We Do It 

Imagine this. We look at the enjoyment for you and your loved ones, every year of your life, not just of your life savings, but of your time too.


Here, we consider lifetime gifts and the joy you witness in giving ... not just gifts made on your death ... with our lifetime cash flow forecaster and estate planner.


Picture this. We look at not simply the financial estate (where we too minimise taxes). We also look at your personal legacy. So, the world can be a better place for you having lived.


What if, you left a legacy that would be remembered long after you are gone? What if it was more than financial?


And, there was no conflict of interest for your adviser as they are fiduciary advisers operating on fixed fees.


Why is proper estate planning important?


We're sure you would agree, if you feel you are being forced into someone else's succession plan and you would like to be in charge of your own, then you need a system you can trust.


Well, a non-intermediating estate planning system is that trusted process.


It's important because your legacy is not just financial, it's about how others will remember you. It's about the world being a better place for you having lived. Instead of maximising your financial estate, consider maximising the enjoyment of your life every year with our financial freedom forecaster. imagine the pleasure of giving lifetime gifts.


Sure, you want to minimise the amount that goes to the taxman or the crown. And, yes you want a planning model to include care fees and capacity issues in later life.


You also want to make sure that your adviser's incentives, or those of the provider firms they represent, are not based on maximising your assets under their influence. Fixed fees paid for a fiduciary adviser and the work done will eliminate all conflicts of interest. Note too who is being appointed executor under wills and what fees will be taken. Is it your adviser or their firm? With a fiduciary, there are no undisclosed conflicts of interest.


Why now?


We live less than a thousand months. Many of those months are behind us, and the last 200 months we are retired. And, some of those may not see you with capacity for making financial or wellbeing decisions. I'm sure you will agree, a month isn't a very long time. It soon passes. So, the sooner we do something about it the better.



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