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We offer a variety of financial guidance services to meet the many diverse needs of our corporate clients.


Our services include:


Financial Guidance Helpline. This is a video-conference-based service available to all employees of our corporate clients who would like to speak to someone to clarify any financial queries they may have.


Financial Guidance Clinic. This is tailored specifically to meet the needs of our corporate clients. Employees can ask specific questions in a group, relating to their individual circumstances, and will receive financial guidance on their options. This may cover, for example, managing debt, budgeting, and retirement education.


Financial Education Seminar. This is delivered either face-to-fade or digitally. Many employees may struggle to understand financial information and may fail to appreciate the various benefits on offer from a workplace scheme. Our financial education programme can be tailored to the specific needs of our corporate clients and can aid understanding to help your employees make well informed decisions, leading to improved wellbeing at work and in retirement.


Why Choose Us


In 2002, AoLP founder Steve Conley launched the UK's largest worksite marketing operation in the UK - Abbey@Work. Previously he was head of Pensions for a large UK insurance company. For two decades, he has led many large financial services initiatives aimed at providing financial services in the workplace. Our experience of delivering financial guidance and education in the workplace is therefore second to none. Steve was the Managing Director of Workplace Pensions Direct, from start-up to market leader consultancy.


Initial 60-Minute Consultation

For your 60-minute consultation to discuss your financial guidance and education in the workplace requirements, please order via our Shop. The price is £49. Place your order today and we will contact you within two-working-days to arrange an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. 



Start-up to seven-figure market-leading business-masters-finalist ... in under three years.

"In 2015, I saw a business opportunity - as every employer had to provide a pension scheme for employers by law. So, did everyone else! But they were lifestyle businesses charging thousands. I wanted an equity-based business using technology to deliver a better solution for under £20 per month. Tens of thousands of companies had been set up across the UK with either workplace pensions or auto-enrolment in their title. I needed someone who knew the market to help me grow the business. Then I met Steve. Steve created a plan for WPD that made us the go to place for thousands of accountants and business owners. Over the next two years, Steve led the growth of WPD from start up to what we believe is market leader today, with recognition along the way as a finalist in Yorkshire Business Masters Awards 2017. With Steve's high profile in the industry, we went from small player at local networking events to the main player at the largest national accountant exhibitions in just two years. If I was to put a value on the business now, I'd say it was comfortably worth seven figures. With Steve's planning and business development skills, we went from zero to seven-figure market-leading business-masters-finalist in under three years." 


- Keith Humphrey, CEO at Workplace Pensions Direct.




Where we started

It's 2015. This is Workplace Pensions Direct. Hidden away at the back of the exhibition. A small fish in a not so big pond. Putting out their message at the local business networking event. No-one seems to take them seriously. Despite all the effort they're putting in. Their valuation is the cash in the bank. This was the start.

Where we finished

It's 2017. Workplace Pensions Direct is a big fish in a massive pond. They appear at the major national exhibitions. They're taken seriously, as an authority. They're a Yorkshire Business Masters Finalist with a 7-Figure market-leading business. This was the end of their GAME plan's first cycle.

"From start up to what we believe is market leader"

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