Steve Conley, Founder & CEO
Steve Conley, Founder & CEO
Academy of Life Planning is Open For Business
Academy of Life Planning is Open For Business

Rebalance Your Money and Your Life: Keeping in touch with the outside world via internet is the new normal!

The global economic emergency disrupts money, the global medical emergency disrupts life. Which do you prioritise?


Your Money or Your Life  


Our priorities are of course our family’s health and wellbeing. But by choosing health, are we choosing hardship? In time, things will become clearer and society will be looking to get back to 'normal'. You now have the time to reflect. 


Do we go back to PLAN A, or is it time for a PLAN B? 


At no time has planning been more important. What you need is ...


... safe access from home to advice you can trust on how to review and rebalance your money and your life.


For crucial life and money decisions, you can’t just put things on hold and do nothing. You have important choices to make. You need answers. All of which means that life and money advice simply can't wait. You need a solid PLAN B for your life; backed up by a revised financial plan for your money, an investment philosophy you believe in and an accessible and dependable financial adviser who has your best interests at heart.

Mingling with people may be out – at least for a while.  You needn’t face big decisions alone. Waiting until later is not always an option. Your life and money adviser should be here for you. Here to show you. Show you the steps you can take. The eight steps to build PLAN B. Right now. While you have time to reflect deeply on the world you want!


Delaying a life or money decision may have unforeseeable or undesirable consequences, and in general it is better to act in plenty of time. Therefore, during these unprecedented times, remote advice will be the way forward for many more people.



How I digitised a life planning proposition

As coronavirus causes swathes of the population to go into long-term isolation, how can a business based on conversation, questioning and listening stay active? One life planner has made the jump already.

Personal Financial Planning from a Remote Financial Adviser Near Me

Working with a good online financial adviser can help you through these unprecedented times. Help you see past the headlines and cultivate discipline and a sense of security. With focus on the here and now, mindful of the impact decisions may have on the future. Sourcing income. Considering essential spending. Prioritising necessity over luxury. Knowing you have taken steps to protect your finances and put in place a well-thought-out PLAN B.


When you are looking for a financial adviser near you, consider a remote financial adviser working on-line. Financial planning can be brought to you online direct by video telephony systems, real-time messaging and content sharing - you can work with us safely from your home or workplace.


Remote advice will be the way forward for many more people.


The coronavirus outbreak means that mingling with people may be out – at least for a while.  You needn’t face big decisions alone. Waiting until later is not always an option. Your financial adviser should be there for you to answer questions remotely.


Financial planning can help you whether or not you have life savings. Whether you're a borrower or a lender, simply begin planning where you are. 


Non-intermediating financial planning lowers the cost of financial advice and is accessible and suitable for a much wider audience.


Whatever your age, wealth bracket, lifestyle, values, preferences or location - we tailor-make a detailed and personal financial plan that's just right for you. So, tell us. What is it that you truly desire? 


Escape a treadmill 

Leave the rat-race and pursue your dream as your own boss.

Mid-life happiness

Discover a new sense of self and purpose for the rest of your life.

Your new direction 

Faced with two paths the route ahead could combine both.

When two become one

When you want to knit together two sets of dreams to one future.

60-Minute Financial Consultation

For your 60-minute no obligation consultation to discuss your financial planning requirements, please order via our Shop. The price is £45. Place your order today and we will contact you within two-working-days to arrange an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. 


How does Remote Financial Planning work?

We are Life Planning …

When you plan with us, you can be sure we put your best interest first. All our life planners aren’t product salespeople, they are appropriately qualified advisers who act independently of product providers. Use our planners to make sure there’s a wall between advice and product – including non-intermediating, fee-only, fiduciary services, personal coaching and more.

Have a conversation with us on-line and avoid rash, and, ultimately, costly mistakes with your finances. Allowing you to always and continuously feel confident about all your financial decisions. We can help you to decide which solutions are best for you in the complex and volatile world of financial services during unprecedented times.


Our on-line financial planning service provides a personal way to help you achieve your goals. By listening to your circumstances and financial aspirations, answering all of your questions along the way, we can help you to create the right financial plan for you.


Our On-line Financial Planning includes:

Seeking financial planning advice at the right time can help provide peace of mind for you and your family's future. 


Unmasking the highway robbers: 


Learn the secrets the bankers didn't want us to share, secrets like the real reason they don't sign up to fiduciary responsibilities.


Use our vast experience and expertise to help avoid scammers with our investment due diligence service and avoid paying unnecessary management charges on your investments with our financial education. Save literally hundreds-of-thousands of pounds over your lifetime by avoiding these dangers.


We provide empirical evidence from leading and highly credible academic researchers, from top respected institutes, such as Which? (see example) that exposes the trickery and deceptions shockingly hidden in financial services that's costing you a great big chunk of your life savings. 


We offer you the money-saving, comprehensive financial planning services ... that the highway robbers would prefer we didn't - direct, on-line, via video to you, to your home or workplace, wherever and whenever.


Hear how an expert on-your-side, who has no vested interest in the products you choose to use, provides specialist and impartial guidance, trusted planning, generic advice and financial education.


We provide the plans you can trust; with our guidance and education you choose your own products wisely and effortlessly.


We are not financial intermediaries. No products are sold. We provide generic advice and financial education for self-implemented solutions. Because we don't take commission, or adviser charges contingent on product purchase, you are guaranteed that there is no conflict of interest and we place your best interests first. We call this our fiduciary obligation.


We sell plans, not products!


For more details see ABOUT US.


Make big decisions, confidently.

When it comes to life's big decisions, finding an adviser that places your best interest first can make all the difference.

How much does it cost?

We will always tell you exactly how much you will pay before you agree to proceed with our services. The agreed fee may be paid by invoice. Your payment options include:


An hourly rate, currently £95 per hour.




A set fee for a piece of work based on our hourly rate and an estimate of the minimum length of time we think the task will take. If we exceed the estimated time taken, we do so at our own expense.


Discounts apply to initial consultations and bulk orders. We will not receive commission from Investment, Pension, Protection or General Insurance companies as we will not arrange any products with them. Arranging products is down to you. We simply sell the GAME plans and offer personal coaching.


Prices valid until 31 Dec 2020.


Initial Consultation

£45 for one hour

On-line via video-link advice, taster session and basic financial plan.

Full Financial Plan

Fixed Fee £950

We offer the GAME Plan over six or more 90-minute sessions to  deliver fast, high quality results.

Ongoing Service

£45 per month 

Quarterly meetings, personal wealth app and unlimited access to our highly skilled team of professionals.


The GAME Plan (Singles & Couples)

We offer a set fee to analyse all your finances and provide the GAME Plan report.


The fee includes:

  • Initial meeting and completion of a full fact find, looking at current assets and liabilities, and incomes and expenditures, as well as expected changes in the future.
  • Discuss what your aims and plans are for the future.
  • Provide education about Investments, Investment Risk, Capacity for Loss, Pensions, Protection, General Insurance and self-implemented product solutions.
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of your existing finances.
  • Create a cashflow scenario report of your current situation – this will determine whether you have enough money to achieve your objectives.
  • Create a second cashflow scenario report - which involves putting in place various options to determine whether you have enough money to achieve new objectives.
  • Applying a Stress Test. This will look at investment volatility and determine whether you’d have a problem in the event of a market downturn.
  • We will write you a GAME Plan and assist with its execution through personal coaching.
  • Six 90-minute video telephony sessions, real-time messaging and content sharing typically held over three months.

Set Fee (Recommended SIX sessions): 


9-hours of video telephony plus admin: Fixed Fee: £950.


Ongoing Service Plan

For clients who have had a full financial plan, we recognise that life planning is an ongoing activity. You may choose to have review meetings, require an ongoing support service or perhaps you need to add new scenarios to your GAME Plan or update your Financial Freedom Forecast as time goes by.


Our Ongoing Service Plan includes:

  • Quarterly one-to-one one-hour meetings via video call.
  • Unlimited availability to get in touch with us if problems arise.
  • Access 24/7 to our personal wealth app for tracking progress.
  • Monthly one-hour group video conference calls.


Our Price: All for a fixed fee of just £45 per month.


You may have an ad hoc query. All correspondence and emails replied to or, when more involved, acknowledged within 48 hours. As a valued client, you have unrestricted telephone access with a financial planner, all telephone calls will be returned within four hours during our working week (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday).


Any additional future work carried out will be charged to you as and when the work is requested, in line with our applicable charges at that time. We will always tell you exactly how much you will pay before you agree to proceed with our services.


Currently we charge an hourly rate of £95.


Under current legislation our services are not subject to VAT, but should this change in the future, and where VAT becomes due, we will notify you before conducting any further work.


"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!" - Benjamin Franklin

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