Why Choose Us As Your Support Network?

We have helped with the business development of tens of thousands of advisers for over four decades!


As a financial practitioner you will know that mastering financial planning requires years of training and professional development in the art, as much as it does the science. We can help in both areas.


Academy founder Steve Conley has experience as the business development director of the UK's fourth largest IFA Network. He is an authority on life & money planning and the author of "Your Money or Your Life!"


Steve Conley is a bestselling author and business development coach who has helped countless people transform their personal and professional lives via his newsletters, seminars, private sessions, public appearances, articles, products, and books. A few years ago, Steve said goodbye to his life in Canary Wharf as head of investments for the world's largest bank to encourage as many people as possible to live lives of complete financial freedom. He set up as a global online non-intermediating financial planner.


Steve has trained hundreds of thousands of insurance company representatives, restricted and independent financial advisers since he became a chartered financial professional back in 1989. He has led and trained advisers from some of the largest financial services companies in the world. 


He trained thousands of insurance company sales representatives in the 1980's and 1990's. He trained thousands of bank advisers for the brands of HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland Group and Santander in 2000's.


In the past decade, he has been a Master Life Planner devoted to training independent financial advisers in the practice of the trusted adviser - planning the client before planning the money.


Having left the banks in 2012, he started practicing life planning, initially as an Appointed Representative of Sense Network with the firm Chorley Financial Services, rigorously and intensively studying under master George Kinder. He started teaching life planning at the Academy and has since become a best-selling author.


He has the science mastery in the BSc in Maths, and his award-winning professional examination success and he has the arts mastery in his Life Planning Mastery and development of global leading Kinder Institute methodology into the GAME Plan methodology, described in his best-selling book - Your Money or Your Life: Unmask the highway robbers - enjoy wealth in every area of your life.


He is today the master life planner and chartered financial planner, the go-to expert for any aspiring financial planner. Today, Steve mentors selected advisers and supports their firms in the art and science of financial planning.


As founder of the Academy of Life Planning, Steve spread his teaching all over the world, from big cities to remote villages, and from universities to schools. He became famous throughout the industry for the GAME Plan (a multi-dimensional planning tool – mind, body, heart, spirit, and bank account) that he gave to people from all walks of life, without making any personal distinction or discrimination.


If you would like to be his next prodigy, and be the next non-intermediating financial planner, why not contact us.


Ongoing Support and Mentorship is £495 per annum. Book via our shop. This includes:

  •  Monthly 60-minute one-to-one coaching sessions via video call with Steve.
  •  Weekly Town Hall and opportunity to meet members.
  •  Monthly interactive group webclass offered virtually through Zoom.
  •  Full access to extensive library of support information.
  •  Unlimited availability to get in touch with Steve if problems arise.
  •  Peer group structured mentorship programme.

Fast track service is £995 (intensive training over three months, includes 12 months’ annual mentorship & membership). Please ask for details.


Join our network - the potential is unlimited; the opportunity is unregulated.

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