Personal Mentorship & Membership

What's Included? Everything You Will Need To Be A Non-Intermediating Financial Planner

The GAME Plan Generator

At the Academy, we train you on a purpose-built planning toolkit in a way that makes sense for non-intermediating financial planners. Our templates are free for you to reuse, modify and share. So you can create your own systems and become an authority in your field. The GAME Plan Generator is a thoroughly researched process with origins dating back many thousands of years, so there can be no doubt about its authenticity or origin.

Ongoing Mentorship

Planning is an art as much as a science, helping you build your soft skills and use them professionally will be central to your continued success. Our monthly one-to-one mentorship sessions cover practice management and process. Each session is recorded for your benefit. And, you receive a personalised note detailing the support discussed.

Video Helpline

If you like your queries dealt with quickly and effectively, you'll love our front-line video support service. You can use our Zoom Meetings to share and discuss ideas, screen share, talk whilst sharing file transfers. The scope is limitless. We run one-to-one meetings, group meetings and webinars. You also have unlimited access to Q&A via email, with fast response times.

What If My Network Won't Allow Me To Set Up A NIFP Firm?


Four in five advisers are carrying out regulated business on behalf of another firm. Often the other firm prohibits the setting up of a side-hustle NIFP firm. Don't let your network stand in your way.


Non-Intermediating Financial Planning is simply Financial Planning less Financial Advice. Split your regulated process into Part 1: Financial Planning and Part 2: Financial Advice.We show you how.


Part 1: Financial Planning


Try to offer this on a fee for service basis. Follow our NIFP process. Deliver a Financial Planto your client.


Part 2: Financial Advice


If your client chooses intermediation for assets, then follow your normal financial intermediation process and charge your asset-based fee.


This way, you can offer your services to clients who do not want you to run their assets, such as savvy rich preferring to run their money on platforms, members of workplace pension schemes, buy-to-let landlords, business owners, clients of discretionary managers, and those that don't already have wealth.


If you choose Fast Track we can have you up and running with your new business model in just three months, plus you get to receive annula mentorship and membership support.


AoLP Annual Mentorship & Membership Programme

This is the mentorship and membership support service for non-intermediating financial planners and their firms. Benefits include:

  • Increased productivity and sales
  • Increased client satisfaction as measured by trust indicators
  • Higher margins, lower operational costs from the lower regulatory burden
  • Increased adviser satisfaction from less regulatory red tape
  • Future-proofed
  • Fully independent
  • Can be delivered to groups on a one-to-many basis
  • Can be delivered to anyone in downloadable format
  • Free reign on social media


This is the mentorship and membership support service for intermediating financial planners, looking to adopt client centred financial planning methodology. This is a steppingstone for adviser-distributors looking to become adviser firms in the future. Benefits include:

  • Increased productivity and sales
  • Increased client satisfaction as measured by trust indicators
  • Readiness for a future adviser-distributor split

Discover Fast-Track

For those who want to be set up as a fully certified and accredited non-intermediating financial planner in 90 DAYS.

Become a Non-intermediating Financial Planner


Twelve-months mentorship and membership - £450. Fast track is an intensive three-month version available for £950, and includes an Annual Mentorship & Membership Programme. Ask for details.


Annual Mentorship & Membership includes:

  • Academy Membership.
  • Access to The GAME Plan Generator - a financial planning process that creates wealth for your client.
  • Monthly one-to-one in person with Steve Conley via one-hour video call.
  • Unlimited availability to Steve by mobile or email as and when questions/ problems arise.
  • Weekly Town Hall/ Friday Breakfast Club – opportunity to informally network with members and discuss any topic.
  • Live webinars and Q&As.
  • Monthly global interactive video conference meetings with the partner community – sharing insights, methods, practice management techniques and market developments.
  • Full access to recordings of previous webinars.
  • Full access to extensive library of practice materials for use free from licence.
  • Interviews with successful advisers and peer group structured mentorship for case sharing.
  • Private Facebook Group.
  • Home study programme to learn ‘The GAME Plan Generator’.
  • Virtual ongoing case review support for real life back at home client cases.
  • Practice management guidance and support.
  • Continuing education opportunities at a discount.


Due to the covid-19 outbreak, there are currently no public events, workshops or residential training courses. Everything uses remote working best practice. 


Applicants may already be, but not necessarily, qualified as a financial planner (the science) or a life planner (the art) of life and money coaching. This virtual life & money adviser programme aims to build on those skills and the material outlined in Steve’s book: Your Money or Your Life.


Your Money or Your Life: Unmask the highway robbers – enjoy wealth in every area of your life. £11.99.


See what the celebs had to say about our Virtual Adviser programme:

Citywire/ NMA

Money Marketing

Kinder Institute

Ten Exclusive New Skills You Will Learn


Unique to this programme only, this equips mentees with the following TEN exclusive skills.

  1. The G.A.M.E. Plan Generator: Understanding and proficiency in the non-intermediating financial planning system and using methodology behind The Game Plan.
  2. Multi-Dimensional Planning: The Planner helps the client create wealth in every area of their life. Mind. Body. Heart. Spirit. And Bank Account.
  3. Natural Cycle from Creation to Manifestation: Deep understanding of the ancient roots and natural laws supporting the system.
  4. The Financial Freedom Forecaster: Using lifetime cash-flow forecasting tools to put the financial architecture (Means) in place to support Goals.
  5. Multi-dimensional & Virtual Personal Coaching: To support the Execution stage.
  6. Virtual Business Coaching: To align life, money and business for your clients with methods from a multi-award-winning multi-market-leading proposition architect.
  7. Non-intermediating financial planning (NIFP): A unique method of financial planning that is non-regulated.
  8. Virtual Adviser: How to deliver financial planning remotely, online. To domestic and international clientele.
  9. Values-based: How to be faith neutral, faith friendly, acting with integrity and being respectful of diversity and the planet, from the values-based adviser and award-winning founding lead of the market integrity team of the Transparency Taskforce.
  10. Business & practice management support and guidance from experienced business development professionals.


The programme leads to accreditation, registration and listing as a Registered Game Planner (RGP) on the Academy of Life Planning website. The leader, Steve Conley, posts topic and agenda ahead of virtual meetings. Calls are interactive – utilising chat rooms to encourage audience engagement.


Join our network - the potential is unlimited; the opportunity is unregulated.



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