Why Choose Non-Intermediating Financial Planning?

There's never been a more important time in history to become an online life and money planner, than during a global life and money crisis.

You're in the right place at the right time

Maybe, increasing regulatory burdens and circumstances are forcing you to consider selling out your much-loved boutique IFA practice to a larger firm or consolidator.


Perhaps, your PI insurance premiums have gone through the roof with major exclusions  applied, restricting permissions, and on top of FSCS levies and compliance network fees, you seem to be paying everyone else and never yourself.


Potentially, you are becoming increasingly irritated by the decisions of your compliance advisers limiting your recommendations, it seems like you can no longer put the client first and must cover your back all the time instead.


Possibly, you can end up carrying massive potential risk arising from past sales and retrospective FOS perspectives, carrying liabilities to the grave.


Maybe, you and your clients are struggling under the stay-at-home orders. Everyone needs an economic relief package. Everyone needs a new life plan after this.

Global Your Money or Your Life Solution

Imagine this. You carry on doing what you love, owning your own business, with a happy consolidator writing you a big fat cheque for your intermediating book. And, your new service is non-intermediating and non-competing, so you don't have 'no-contact' clauses to worry about.


Picture this. You're kept abrest of regulatory developments and provided with clear guidance and quality solutions. PI insurance premium of less than £100. No FSCS levy, no massive compliance network fees.


Here, there's no massive regulatory compliance red tape, as there are no intermediary obligations impacting your chosen line of business.


What if you were supported to deliver great client outcomes, adding huge value to your customers, AND you still do proper financial planning without liabilities for stuff that goes wrong as a result of other people's mistakes.


Here, you work from anywhere, helping clients in their home under social distancing rules, fixing Your Money or Your Life while fixing theirs!

Services Designed to Add Value to Your Client Proposition

If fruitless, stay-at-home and restricted commercially is where you are and a flying online success adding client value is where you want to be, then I'm sure you would agree, you need a new system, vehicle or solution to get you from A to B.


Well that is what this is ... The GAME Plan Generator.


We are here to show you a new way of working. Separate advice from the product. Place a wall between them. Focus on advice through non-intermediating financial planning. Leave the product side of it to your client.


You become non-intermediating and therefore non-regulated. The cost of regulation disappears. You charge the clients fixed fees. You add value for them just as you did before. But, cutting out compliance cuts out at least 50% of your overheads. Your profit margins rise. You act as a fiduciary adviser, placing client best interest first. No muddying of relationships with commissions. 


Here is the thing ...


When you cut out regulation, you cut out verification of identity, signing of documents, and handling of client money. Which means you can run your business online, from your own home. Delivering great service to clients in the UK and internationally. Your business crosses borders and is uninterrupted by covid-19!


You can also pass on efficiencies from economies of infrastructure and scale to your clients. This makes non-intermediating financial planning lower cost to the consumer, whilst adding just as much value for them and maintaining your profit margins. It is what we call a perfect win-win scenario.


It is the unprecedented solution for unprecedented times:








We offer you: Templates, Case Reviews, Research, Technical Support, Compliance Support, Business Development Solutions, Online Events and Training, Technological and Back-End Solutions, PI insurance.



Why Is This Important?

The non-intermediating financial planning business is an important consideration because ...

  • You need a livelihood when your cheque is spent, and your gardening leave finished.
  • For the sake of your own sanity, you need to carry on doing what you enjoy and are good at.
  • Your operational model needs to be remote, the new 'normal' for relationship management.
  • Your new business needs to 'wash its face', and by that, I mean it has to work commercially.
  • Your clients need Your Money or Your Life planning in this Your Money or Your Life emergency!


Why now?


Because the Year 2020 could not only mark the end of the Boutique IFA firm from rising intermediating regulatory costs & burdens ...CV-19 has changed the face of financial planning as we know it, forever!


Your Money or Your Life will be very different from now on!


Join our network - the potential is unlimited; the opportunity is unregulated.

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