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Mastering financial planning requires years of training and professional development in the art, as much as it does the science. If you are looking for a mentor, read on.


Founder of the Academy, Steve Conley, has trained hundreds of thousands of financial advisers since he became a chartered financial professional in 1989 and went on to lead some of the largest financial services companies in the UK.


He trained thousands of insurance company sales representatives in the 1980's and 1990's. He trained thousands of bank advisers for the brands of HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland Group and Santander in 2000's. In the past decade he has been a Master Life Planner devoted to the practice of the trusted adviser - planning the client before planning the money.


Having left the banks in 2012, Steve started practicing life planning rigorously and intensively studied under master George Kinder. Steve started teaching life planning at the Academy, and he later became a best-selling author.


Steve has the science mastery in his award-winning professional examination success and he has the arts mastery in his development of global leading Kinder Institute methodology into his GAME Plan methodology, described in his best-selling book - Your Money or Your Life: Unmask the highway robbers - enjoy wealth in every area of your life.


Steve is today the Master financial planner, the go-to expert for any aspiring financial planner. Today, he coaches and mentors a few selected prodigies in the art and science of financial planning from a remote village in Lincolnshire.


In 2017, Peter Johnys, who would become one of the Times’ top Financial Adviser figures, became one of Steve’s mentees.


As founder of AoLP, Steve spread his teaching all over the world, from big cities to remote villages, and from universities to schools. He became famous throughout the industry for the GAME Plan (a multi-dimensional planning tool – mind, body, heart, spirit and bank account) that he gave to people from all walks of life, without making any personal distinction or discrimination.


If you would like to be Steve's next prodigy, why not call him.


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Britains most trusted national newspaper, says he's one of the UK's most trusted advisers!


"It's a shame I can only give Steve 5 stars and if I could (give more) there would not be enough anyway, as not only will any interaction with Steve enlighten your existing beliefs on how we should treat clients, it will do something more powerful than will give you belief to re-evaluate yourself."  Paul Hoyle, IFA, 2017


"The figures and our position speak for themselves." 

At the Academy we train, accredit, register, mentor and partner with financial advisers and life coaches from around the world. This makes our mentees the mosted trusted advisers globally. While other advisers pursue share of wallet, our advisers pursue share of heart! As a result of the trust created, our adviser community become more and more successful in every area of their practice. Watch Peter's story. In just a couple of years from becoming a mentee, he became a top 10 financial adviser nationally in terms of sales and on 23 February 2019 he became one of The Times top 250 financial Adviser in the UK.



"Before 2015, I was doing what the textbooks taught and what every other financial adviser was doing. It was very product driven. I looked at the client’s money and identified a product to sell. It was very driven by the textbooks and the company I worked for. I was reluctant to put client objectives and goals in place, because of the fear of missing them and not achieving those outcomes. I went on a bit of a journey; I didn’t know where I was or where I was going. I did know that I was unhappy with what I was doing, it was too product driven. It was the objectives being placed on the client, rather than the clients setting their own. I didn’t really know what the answer was until I met Steve. In 2016, I met Steve at a networking event where he began to educate me on how it perhaps should be. I was a little bit slow to take it up or to catch on in the beginning. Through further reading, meetings and conversations with Steve … it really just became apparent that there was a better way of doing things. That feeling in the pit of my stomach disappeared and it just felt like it was the right way to do it. Once the penny drops. That’s it. There’s no turning back. It’s really empowering as an IFA to know that I’m doing it the right way. This is how it should be done. The money isn’t the client anymore and that’s how it was. Now it’s all about the client. It’s their goals and objectives that drive the process. The business has gone from strength to strength. From starting with an organisation of 160 partners nationally, with little experience as a relatively newcomer to the advice side of financial services, in a little over two years we are now in the top 10% partners in the firm. It would not have taken place without this approach. I have absolutely no reservations about how we do what we do. The figures and our position speak for themselves. We are set to have a fabulous year. As a result of life planning, we are adding value to the client constantly so they’re really happy doing business with us. When we see feedback on sights such as ‘vouched for’ we see ourselves featured in 2019 as one of the Times’ top rated and best financial advice firms in the UK. What better validation than that!"

Peter Johnys, 2019.


Britains most trusted national newspaper announces Peter as one of the UK's most trusted advisers in 2019!


Why be a  Non-Intermediating Financial Planner?


If you are pursuing a career in financial planning you can choose the intermediating or non-intermediating routes. An intermediating financial planner (or financial intermediary) is required to be registered and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 


Financial planning itself is not a regulated activity.


If you wish to act in the best interest of your clients at all times without conflict of interest, then you might consider being a fiduciary financial planner. That is, you are fee only and there can be no conflict of interest. A non-intermediating financial planner is a fiduciary financial planner. Financial intermediaries find it difficult to sign up to fiduciary codes.


When financial planning consumers, the greatest value added in the services you provide is in the provision of the financial plan itself, rather than adding value through financial intermediation. Indeed, when adding intermediation fees to the price of a product, the financial intermediation route is often more expensive than the consumer buying the product direct from the provider.


Some might argue that financial intermediation may lead to better outcomes for consumers. However, when it comes to investing life savings few financial intermediaries can improve upon the outcomes achieved using passive retail multi-asset funds on platforms. These are relatively simple for the consumer to set up and maintain. The savings for the consumer can be as much as hundreds-of-thousands-of-pounds over a lifetime from the direct route.


When planners realise that the greatest value is added by the non-regulated activity, they may begin to question the rationale for being regulated.


Regulated activity adds considerably to the time and cost of the financial planning process. It does not necessarily lead to better outcomes for clients.


Certain transactions can only be undertaken by a regulated financial intermediary, such as a pension transfer from a Defined Benefit scheme. Non-regulated financial planners may therefore need to refer consumers to regulated financial planners from time-to-time.


It should be noted that today ninety-five-percent of the population are underserved by the financial intermediary population on account of their limited wealth. Financial intermediaries often operate with thresholds of investable assets held by consumers, below which they will not operate. A typical threshold might be £100,000. Due to the economies of infrastructure, non-intermediating financial planners are able to serve the underserved at prices they can afford.


A major part of the financial planning process is planning the client before planning the money. In order to do this effectively the financial planner must also be an expert and experienced life planner.


If you are considering becoming a non-intermediating financial planner, or you are a financial intermediary wishing to learn the art of this style of financial planning, please contact us to discuss our mentorship, training and accreditation services.

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