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How to be 14 Times More Profitable by Doing 4 Things

Values-based businesses returned 1,681 percent for investors over the 15-year period from 1998 to 2013, compared to 117 percent for the S&P 500; that’s more than a 14-to-1 ratio!*

There are four tenets these values-based businesses share. Four tenets which are directly linked to the outperformance over other organisations. These are:

·         Purpose: they each have a greater purpose

·         People: the culture of people with the organisation

·         Planet: the overarching benefits to the global ecosystem

·         Profit: servant leadership for the benefit of stakeholders

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* Source: Firms of Endearment, Click Buy. This takes you to the Amazon page. Then see Look Inside! Page 20.

What Works for Businesses Works for People

Profit is mental.

Not that we are mad to seek profit, rather it is an intellectual concept.

Intellectual capital is an asset—broadly defined as the collection of all informational resources a company possesses. These are employed to drive profits.

Leadership is the exercise of intellectual power in an organisation for the management of the assets, resources, finances, income, expenditure and profit.

Leadership drives profit for the benefit of stakeholders.

·         Spirit: build goals and a purpose statement

·         Heart: socialise, test it to create an action plan

·         Body: make it practical with a financial plan

·         Mind: make it happen! Execute!

Be the leader in your own life and drive profit for you and your family. Use these four tenets.


Spirit: Spiritual intelligence (SQ): This is the intuitive nudge that begins the natural cycle from creation to manifestation. It is what we believe in. It is our imagination. It is inspired thought that we trust. Then inspiration takes us on a journey from creation to emotion. This is the setting of inspiring Goals.


Heart: Emotional intelligence (EQ): Inspired emotions helps us to feel good. We are happy. Feeling joy. It is an inner seeing of our true selves. A vision of our potential. When you visualise you materialise. Inspiration moves to Actions.

Body: Physical intelligence (PQ): This is our physical being in a material world. Our instincts. We act upon the inspiration. We ground our inspiring vision in the physical world. We begin to receive. We then put in place the Means in our material world.

Mind: Rational Intelligence (IQ): This is our thoughts. We make an intention. We speak of it. We strategise. We begin to Execute. We manifest the end result.

We are the creators.

If we are not the leader in the creation to manifestation cycle we create for others. We are the pawn and not the player. We create for those who set our Goals. More often than not, the Goal setters are unaccountable hierarchies of profit and power. They set Goals for us by careful management of the general consensus of indoctrinated citizens.

The path to personal financial freedom is a path to being ourselves and profiting personally from our endeavours. It is a cycle of utilising Spirit, Heart, Body and Mind.

The way to do it is intuit/ believe, feel, act, think … repeat ... this is The Secret ... this is how we manifest our creation.

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If you want 14 times more money in your life then come to 'Born to Be

Sunday 24th March 2019 - Harrogate, North Yorkshire from 12noon to 4pm. FREE. Advance Bookings only.


Born to Be in Harrogate on Sunday 24th March 2019, from 12noon to 4pm. Tickets FREE. Advance bookings only.

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