Get paid for your knowhow, instead of your time!
Get paid for your knowhow, instead of your time!

The Academy of Life Planning invites you to attend Born to Be in Harrogate on 23rd June 2019.

General Admission is FREE, so no bank details are required. VIP includes a 2-course lunch with the speaker for Q&A at a cost of £25. Register today!


Sunday 23rd June 2019 - 9.30am Registration 10am to 12.30pm.


The Crown Hotel, Harrogate, North Yorkshire HR1 2RZ.


Presented by Steve Conley of the Academy of Life Planning.

AoLP invite you to this complimentary event.

Do you want to be the architect of your own life and earn 7-figures?


Maybe you find yourself on a treadmill of work existence.

Perhaps exchanging time for money.

Potentially working 50hrs x 50wks x 50yrs + bet you buy freedom last 16yrs.

Possibly shackled by bills, loan repayments and pension contributions.

Maybe even when you get a pay rise you are never any better off.

Perhaps you live as the boss expects and they seem to keep the profit.

Potentially your dream is dying in you.

Possibly the World is no better for you having lived.


Imagine this. You’re a 7-figure Solopreneur turning passion into profit.

What if you earn while you sleep and income increases by 2% pm?

Here work doesn’t feel like work, your time is your own.

Picture this. Debt free and Mortgage free inside 10 years.

Imagine this. A 7-figures bank account in the next 15 years.

What if you lived true to yourself and kept 100% of the profit.

Here you live your dream. You are the captain of your own fate.

Picture this. You leave a lasting legacy bigger than your life.



I'm sure you will agree, that if servitude is where you are and freedom is where you'd like to be, then you need The GAME Plan to get you from A to B? Yes? That's what we're here to talk about!

The Academy of Life Planning invites you to attend Born to Be in Harrogate on 23rd June 2019.

General Admission is FREE, so no bank details are required. VIP includes a 2-course lunch with the speaker for Q&A at a cost of £25. Register today!

The GAME Plan is a multi-disciplined approach.

This approach plans your life, your money and your business. One co-ordinated plan; each discipline supporting the other. These coaches are uniquely skilled, experienced and qualified in all three disciplines.

Questions and Answers

Why is planning important?

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If you don't set your own goals you are living by someone else's. And, what's in it for you? Not much!


Why now?

The internet means you can be whoever you want and earn 7-Figures at it. Life's short! A year from now you're going to wish you started today.


What will the speaker be covering?

Steve Conley will guide you through the planning process to overcome four key challenges facing every Solopreneur - from start to finish, whatever your starting point! He will be speaking on the following topics:

  1. GOALS: When setting goals, they need to be specific to you and your PURPOSE. They need to be inspiring, important, things you are good at (so it's EASY for you to do), and free from any conditioned mind set around success and money. It's PASSION that drives profit, and DISCIPLINE that creates savings.
  2. ACTIONS:  When creating the LIFE plan, we must turn cant's into cans and dreams into plans. What matters most to you is TIME, which is also what most are poor at managing. You need an ACTION plan that can overcome all obstacles, to make your big dream seem possible. That's what we do!
  3. MEANS: Many a good idea crashes and burns in the fields of CASH flow. What you need are some reliable lessons around MONEY. You will need to put in place a FINANCIAL forecast for you and your business if you want to free yourself from debt slavery and become the 7-Figure Solopreneur.
  4. EXECUTION: The vehicle for delivering the dream lifestyle is your Solopreneur BUSINESS. Here you need world-class PROPOSITION development and a solid BUSINESS plan. Then you need some guidance on best EXECUTION. We will be giving plenty of hints and tips throughout this seminar.


Why is this different?

Have you ever met someone before who is an expert LIFE coach, and expert FINANCIAL coach and an expert BUSINESS coach? Yet you might agree that your TIME, MONEY and BUSINESS should be co-ordinated in to one all-singing all-dancing PLAN. That's what The GAME Plan is. Steve Conley invented it. He's the author and speaker. And, that's what makes this event so unique. Why spend TIME listening to three experts, when you can listen to one?


Who is Steve Conley?

If you can do something that 9 out of 10 people can't do. That's good. If you can identify three such gifts and combine them in a solopreneurship, that's special!

Financial Planning Expert

Steve is a Chartered Financial Planner and Chartered Insurer. He won multiple prizes for best performance in Manchester & North West of England. He went on to head up investments for HSBC, RBS/ NatWest, Santander. He chaired industry committees and today can be found in Parliament advising the British Goverment.

Business Planning Expert

He is a proposition architect having built multiple ''billion-pound' businesses for the banks. 6 market firsts. 6 market leaders. Multiple domestic and international awards. An award-winning Solopreneur since 2012, director of many local businesses and Yorkshire Business Masters Awards finalist in 2017. According to World Health Organisation, one project saved the lives of five-million children.

Life Planning Expert

He is a Master Life Planner of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning and Founder of the Academy of Life Planning. An award-winning global ambassador for transparency and market integrity, uniquely considering spirituality and respect for all life on earth. Otherwise known as the Values-based Adviser, he is an Elite Member of the Professional Speakers' Academy.

What you get?

By attendng this complimentary event you will recieve a FREE gift. The 8 Bank-busting Questions. These are questions to ask yourself to define your PURPOSE. They form part of The Significant STORIES System which by itself would be valued at £495 (inc VAT). This should get you off to a good start on your journey to the 7-Figure Solopreneur. The exercise is provided absolutely FREE of charge when you register for this complimentary event. It's called Bank Busting as these are the secrets the banks would rather we didn't share, as they profit quite considerably from people struggling in a lifetime of debt. Passion eats debt for breakfast!

The Academy of Life Planning invites you to attend the Born to Be in Harrogate on 23rd June 2019.

General Admission is FREE, so no bank details are required. VIP includes a 2-course lunch with the speaker for Q&A at a cost of £25. Register today!

"I find Steve Conley’s holistic approach to life and wealth management enlightened and pragmatic. His experience and intelligence have been invaluable to my progress. I would highly recommend Steve to those looking to break free of conventional norms and start afresh."

Stephen Flicker, MD of Flipside CIC, Wakefield, Born to Be March 2019



“My friend Steve Conley is a rare man indeed. Steve was one of the most senior and powerful bankers in the world. As well other senior positions he headed up Investment at both HSBC and RBS. So why is Steve rare? Cut Steve in half and you will find integrity and ethics running through his core. The same can not be said for most bankers. Steve was actually fired by that bastion of honesty RBS, prior to their undoing, for pushing 'ethical' policy. The irony of it! Steve at heart is a caring maverick. His mission now, having left banking behind, is to radically change the financial services industry, to re-calibrate it, to make it more about 'people' and not just profit. He has the ear of those at the top, both of banking and government. He is determined and passionate. This is man who should not be underestimated. He will change things for the better. I listened to Steve speak yesterday about how is now helping ordinary people to plan and live more fulfilling lives. It is clear to me his success is down to his enthusiasm, drive and commitment to his worthy cause. I am grateful to call Steve Conley a friend.”

Chris Stoner, Harrogate, 2017

"I recently attended one of Steve's seminars, and was quite frankly blown away! Definitely worth checking out, irrespective of your circumstances! Great work Steve! keep it up." 

Mike Manaley, Director CJS, Harrogate, 2014



“I just wanted to share a simple thought I've had for the longest time about you. Don't have any idea about implementation or how, but you really should be running one of these banks. You're a man of immense vision, with knowledge of all the pieces and pockets of community and profit that are necessary to make a bank thrive. You understand things quickly, and make things happen. But most of all you see into the future, much as Steve Jobs did, and are as passionate and dedicated to making an organization both 'aesthetically beautiful' and brilliantly profitable, understanding that the key is the customer, delivering something of magnificent value for them. There aren't many like you, and if this is your career, you should be at the top.”

George Kinder, Boston, USA May 2012.



All information used in this presentation you are registering for relating to AoLP is for information purposes only and is for the sole use of attendees at the presentation. Whilst we feel this topic is beneficial to aspiring solopreneurs, the views expressed are not intended to be and should not be viewed as individual advice or as a recommendation. You should seek independent advice in respect of issues that are of concern to you. To the maximum extent permitted by law we expressly disclaim all representations, warranties, or assurances of any kind expressed or implied, that are made to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this presentation and no member of AoLP accepts any obligations to update or correct any information contained herein.

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