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Born To Be: The Change You Wish To See! - FREE!

Sunday 24th March 2019, Crown Hotel, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Sunday 23rd June 2019, Crown Hotel, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom


We run the Born To Be! preview event four times a year. 


At this event you will learn all about The GAME Plan, and you will have the opportunity to be considered for the life transforming Your Money, or Your Life! Bootcamp. Who knows. You could be our next celebrity! You will only find out for sure when you attend this event.


Being who you were born to be is not for everyone. You would have to be brave, it takes courage to stand out and be the change you want to see in the world. You would have to be braver still to ignore your gift and face it dying within you. We all have a unique gift within us. And, we are meant to use it in the world to help other people. That's know yourself, and fearlessly be yourself every day.


Discover your purpose. With purpose you work with passion. Your earnings increase. With purpose you reduce your expenditure with a money deyox. Your disposable income increases and becomes savings. Through savings you discover freedom, escape the rat race and step off the treadmill of mundane work existence. You improve your work-life balance and begin to find time for the more meaningful things in life. You and your family deserve to be financially free.


Here we don't expect the fish to fly, or the bird to swim. Here we deliver The GAME Plan, to help you on your own unique journey to be who you were born to be. And, to use your gift in the service of others. Others who will pay you in return.


If you are ready to awaken to your dream and step across the threshold into living your authentic life, please join us. You have nothing to lose by attending. So go ahead, right now. There's nothing to pay. No bank details are required. Go ahead, book your place today.


To book your place on the event please complete the form below. Please make sure you can attend before booking. Advance bookings only. The event is free to attend, a small cancellation charge may apply should you choose to cancel at short notice. Thank you.

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So if you want to begin your journey to a life of abundance, why not click on the link below.


Go ahead, right now. No bank details are required, because no payment details are required. So click on the link below and begin.

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