City Banker Turned Advice-only Financial Planner.


"I have personally trained many tens-of-thousands of personal financial advisers in the big insurance companies and banks in five decades. I have helped hundreds of clients find financial freedom in both their work lives and personal lives for over 30 years as a chartered financial services professional. I guarantee that every committed client or adviser I have worked with has achieved results that by far surpassed their initial expectations.

Advice-only financial planning is more than a job to me; it is my dearest challenge. I have proven over and over that leading an extraordinary life is possible for everyone. And nothing satisfies me more than helping people find this out for themselves.

I deliver high-impact, results-oriented coaching to individuals and teams. I work with executives, managers, entrepreneurs and creative professionals in business and private issues. I specialise in values-based advice and leadership, positive psychology, emotional and social intelligence, and group dynamics."


- Steve Conley


The Academy of Life Planning Limited was established on 2nd April 2012 in Chorley, Lancashire.


The founder, Steve Conley, was previously Head of Investments at HSBC when he lived and worked in Canary Wharf, London. His task was to lead teams that would increase financial security for retail customers. He is a multiple and international award winner. Six times market leader. And, he chaired the industry steering group at the British Banker's Association. Today, 8 out of 10 investors still use his ideas to enjoy greater financial security. According to the World Health Organisations, one of his products even contributed to saving the lives of 5 million children.


Steve discovered how financial advisers could become more trusted. By not only helping retail customers find security but also helping them to enjoy freedom. He would do this by planning the client, before planning the money. He used the #1 world-best-practice planning model, called life planning. He trained as a life planner himself and arranged training for a dozen other advisers who went on to become the most trusted advisers in his bank. But what mattered most to customers, mattered least to his fellow bankers. TRUST! According to world-leading PR firm Edleman, banks are the least trusted of all industries globally, year after year with little improvement.


His fellow bankers were unimpressed with Steve's quest to deliver security and freedom to retail clients. Banks could earn far more short-term profit for shareholders, and pay themselves bigger bonuses, by denying their customers the security and freedom they so deserved. They chose instead to get rid of their financial advisers altogether and spent their marketing budgets on promoting debt. By 2020, the average unsecured debt in the UK was half annual salary. That day in Canary Wharf in November 2011, ninety-five percent of the population were sentenced to a lifetime of debt slavery.


You see, people in a mess with life and money are far too profitable for a bank. And, all the UK banks preferred to sack all their financial advisers rather than fix the problem. So, disappointed that his colleagues would place profit before principles, Steve left the banks, holding an approach that would hand over the banks' lucrative control of the game to ordinary folk. He set up the Academy to share the secrets the banks didn't want him to share. 


Steve went on to become a Master Life Planner. Since 2012, he not only furthered his academic and professional studies, he studied the ancient origins of planning and uncovered and published many other hidden secrets the unaccountable hierarchies of profit and power had long kept hidden from the general populous of citizens over many centuries. He has adapted the world-best-practice planning model to include the hidden lessons he learned and has made it even better. He has used his approach to help hundreds of people escape the rat race, overcome the mid-life crises, find a new direction, come together with their significant other, set up a life of their dreams, and live longer better - as you can see from our many client stories.


Most importantly - he now delivers security and freedom to his clients. And, he trains and mentors other life and money planners around the world in his methods.


He adapted the Goal Setting so that it wasn't just about financial goals. It was about multi-dimensional personal goals too: Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit. He also added a market-leading Financial Freedom Forecaster, so his clients could plan their means to security and freedom. Then he added the business plan, a proven proposition development framework that was as effective for his clients as it had proved for all those market-leading and award-winning businesses he built-in banking. He helps many clients create a side-hustle from their passion - a vehicle to create personal wealth that delivers increased financial security and quickly carries them on their path to freedom.


The result is The GAME Plan.


Steve is the author of Your Money or Your Life: Unmask the highway robbers - enjoy wealth in every area of your life.


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