People Create Wealth By Leveraging Assets.

When you drop the financial asset sales, financial planning becomes about making money more than saving money..

People Create Wealth, Not Products!


Have you ever thought a financial adviser could help you grow your wealth?


Regulated financial advisers use financial planning to sell financial assets and personal pension assets. You earn the wealth and hand it over to be managed by them. You take the risk, and they invest it, from which you deduct their charges, other charges, taxes and inflation. The result may or may not be growth in your wealth over the long term with the miracle of compound interest; what is certain is that change, if any, will be slow. Few people fit this profile.


You may want to work with a planner who helps you make wealth, not just save wealth you've already made.


The truth is most people become wealthy by making wealth through work (or inheriting wealth).


Financial assets, according to the UK Office for National Statistics, are traditional investments such as a bank or building society current or saving accounts, investment vehicles such as Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs), endowments, stocks and shares, and informal savings (money under the bed or loaned to family or friends) and children's assets. Regulated financial products make up just five per cent of the total wealth of the average Brit.


You may want to work with a planner who will look at all of your wealth.


Regulated financial advisers make personal product recommendations on a one-to-one basis. Time is limited; therefore, service is limited. The number of advisers is limited. Regulated advice is not a scalable operation.


Time is expensive. Fees are relatively high. Adviser-imposed thresholds on minimum investable assets (to make advice worthwhile) see 95% of the population disintermediated.


Regulated financial advice about regulated financial products can only serve the five per cent who are already wealthy.


The regulated financial adviser receives rewards when garnering assets and is penalised when assets leave their management. Cross-subsidies exist, where wealthier clients pay disproportionately larger fees to subsidise clients making smaller investments for similar work.



Advice-only financial planning is generic advice and financial education.


Because our fees are fixed, and our service is advice-only, there is no asset bias. There is no transaction bias. No assets are sold. It doesn't matter if your assets are financial assets, pension assets, property assets, business assets, or physical assets. There can be no conflicted remuneration, conflict of interest, or bias across the board.


Advice-only financial planners can advise groups. It can even be delivered in eBooks (see Medley) and online courses (see Membership). Knowhow is unlimited, and so are the prospects for the planner's business.


This planning style is scalable, more affordable, and accessible for everyone. Delivering financial planning to groups or subscribers divides the time cost across many people. Financial planning has become affordable for everyone.


DIY planning tools, such as HapNav, keep financial information private. Data privacy is no longer an issue in groups. 


When you drop product sales and wealth management, financial planning becomes more about wealth creation. The focus is on making money rather than saving money you have already made.


Advice-only financial planners create wealth for the unwealthy by leveraging your intangible assets. Your economic activity creates wealth; all other purchases merely manage created wealth. When you want to create wealth, you need a business plan.


Seven In Ten People Were Worse Off After The Pandemic.


In a global economic and medical crisis, ordinary people require more wealth.


People create wealth, not products. Products protect wealth or redistribute wealth. Products manage wealth for those who are wealthy. 


Let the product sellers continue to sell products to the wealthy.


As we emerge from a global economic and medical emergency, the unwealthy and underserved need an accessible plan to create wealth and build back better. Like a three-year profit & loss account and a balance sheet added to the lifetime wealth forecast for the "Business of You!"


Wealth creation is not a service delivered by the traditional financial adviser; intermediaries sell products.


To become a successful advice-only financial planner, a traditional financial planner must unlearn the product sales process and learn the wealth creation process. That's what we deliver at the Academy of Life Planning. A complete planner makeover and business tools in a box and ready to go.


We sell plans, not products. 


We create wealth through planning and coaching; we do not manage or sell products. We educate the client to manage their wealth.


For planners out there. Future-proof your revenue streams. Insure your business from the uncertainties of global, economic, regulatory, or medical threats. Diversify into advice-only financial planning.


We Are An Online Digital Service.


Because we are advice-only, we do not need to visit our clients in person. It has been business as usual for us during these exceptional times. We can still offer you the same quality service, which is remote, secure, and easy to receive.


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