The GAME Plan Explained

The GAME Plan Is A Natural Cycle From Creation to Manfestation


This planning method is multi-dimensional. We are four-natured beings in whom spirituality, emotionality, materialism, and intellectualism coexist. The first two natures relate to our inner world of intuition and meaning, the latter two to our outer world of instinct and money. Our intuitive and instinctive impulses are so deeply opposed to one another and yet the paradox is they must coexist in balance for us to live a life well lived.


This is what we mean by creating wealth in every area of your life. Mind. Body. Heart. Spirit. And, bank account!


How do we manifest wealth in every area of our lives?


On your journey for reconciliation of opposing forces you must traverse four peaks, of the G.A.M.E.


  • Goals: Path of Love – the journey from intuition and spiritual intelligence SQ to emotional intelligence EQ.
  • Actions: Path of Grounding – the journey from emotional intelligence EQ to instinct and physical intelligence PQ.
  • Means: Practical Path – the journey from physical intelligence PQ to rational intelligence IQ.
  • Execution: Manifestation – the journey from rational intelligence IQ to spiritual intelligence SQ.



The GAME Plan takes you on a cycle from creation to manifestation through Goals, Actions, Means and Execution. Let me explain the various quadrants in the cycle.


The G.A.M.E. Quadrants

4. Execution

Our Execution journey takes us from thoughts to beliefs. Here we look at implementation and review. The output is an Execution Plan.


Our Goals journey takes us from beliefs to feelings. Here we set big inspiring goals. The output is a Purpose Statement.

3. Means

Our Means journey takes us from actions to thoughts. Here we look at the financial architecture to support our dreams. The output is a Financial Plan.

2. Actions

Our Actions journey takes us from feelings to actions. Here we look at obstacles and ground our vision. The output is an Action Plan.


Goals (Step one)

Through the goals phase we create, relate to, and connect with our ideal life in mind, body, heart, and soul. We are on an exploratory journey where we create, present, and socialise our vision. We essentially create a vision statement or vision board and test it in the world.


We identify our gifted potential from which we define our life purpose and create a vision for our legacy. If successful we light the lamp within. We do not judge or evaluate the vision; we simply observe it. The output is an inspiring vision.


Our Goals journey takes us from beliefs to feelings.


Actions (Step two)

Through the actions phase we take our connecting goals and test and ground experiences to create practical solutions. We have socialised the goals and navigated obstacles through negotiation, to achieve outcomes that we instinctually know will work. We ground our vision with action steps. We must keep the lamp lit within throughout this phase. The output is an action plan.


In Goals, we created a visualisation – Purpose Statement, Goals Summary and Lasting Legacy - for your lasting contentment. Consideration of all obstacles was deferred until your light had been fully lit. That time is now.

In the Action quadrant of the cycle from creation to manifestation, East to South, the journey takes us from socialising your goals by communication, to grounding them, making them realistic and achievable in the physical realm. We negotiate obstacles.


Getting things done is tough, being human is tough! Here you get to meet the Higher-Way Robber seeking to rob you of your dreams.


Our Actions journey takes us from feelings to actions.


Means (Step three)

Through the means phase we transform actions into a financial model which we stress test numerically to define realistic strategies and timescales for implementation. We have taken actions we instinctually know will work and through in-depth analysis and modelling we achieve manageable solutions for implementation. The output is a financial plan.


Our Means journey takes us from actions to thoughts.


Execution (Step four)

Use the Game Plan by following the four steps in the natural cycle from creation to manifestation.


Through the execution phase we implement our financial plan by manifesting the changes we want to see in our life and our finances. We implement our financial decisions. We choose an accountability partner. There is an ongoing review process where we re-create visions for the subsequent cycle from creation to manifestation.


Our Execution journey takes us from thoughts to beliefs.



The Game Plan is a powerful personal development programme with unlimited potential. The outcome can be anything you wish, from a slight change in your life, to delivering lasting change on a global scale.


The question to ask yourself is this, what is the full extent of your gifted potential? And, how far are you willing to go in pursuing your life purpose? Is it a little, or is it all the way? Remember, you do not have to follow your gifted potential, but nor are you free to abandon it.


No challenge is too great. You can if you so choose, contribute significantly to restoring the planet to balance and peace. For example, in the past I used the Game Plan to contribute to saving the lives of five million children. I picked up an award for best investment product in the world. The first client was the Pope. How far can your gifted potential take you?


Currently, my focus is on fixing the global financial services industry. It may seem impossible, but as Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”


You too can achieve the impossible, by using the Game Plan. What is your impossible?

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