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There are so many additional benefits from being part of a unique like-minded global community.

Feel Part Of A Group Of Like-Minded Individuals

Join the Academy and you will automatically become a member of a unique community.
Our planners attend self-governed Peer Groups across the world, meeting regularly online to discuss current issues and share best practice.
Each Peer Group is represented at a global level by the ‘Global Council’, a body of Academy member firms that meets regularly with our senior management team to debate a range of topics – from grass roots issues to strategic direction.
Your interests are also represented at the Academy Board level by nominated members of the Global Council.
Through this planner-managed structure, you can join a unique community and have a genuine say in the Academy’s future.

Topics Covered

Explore the developments we are involved in as we transition from product-paradigm to planning paradigm.

Back Office Systems

Establish a client-centric operating platform. As GDPR pushes data ownership to clients, systems need to follow suit so data can be shared across intermediating and non-intermediating advisers.

D2C Platforms (Direct To Consumer)

As the public become more confident with DIY solutions, financial planners must disconnect from product. Platforms refer requests for financial planning where they are confident there will be no churn. Join our D2C Platform Group on LinkedIn.

Affiliate Planners

Financial Planners operating "Uber-style" models on a subscription basis. As knowledgeable groups, such as trade associations, source non-conflicted financial planning solutions for their membership. Join our NIFP Group on LinkedIn, non-members welcome.

Join our network - the potential is unlimited; the opportunity is unregulated.

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