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We Love To Build SMEs.

We offer coaching and training to match your needs, whichever stage you’re at.


We teach you how to create wealth with your Business Plan of You.


Products manage wealth, and people create wealth. Creating wealth requires an idea, entrepreneurial spirit, industry, and a plan.


Advice-only Financial Planners help clients create a Business Plan of You using the unique proposition development framework.


Steve Conley has used his skills as a leading proposition architect in the banks where his projects ranged from £50m to £1bn in profits.


He brings his knowledge through templates and training to help you create wealth in every area of your life and if you are a planner in every area of your client's life.

Ikigai Proposition Development Framework

Ikigai (ee-key-guy) is a Japanese concept that combines the terms iki, meaning “alive” or “life,” and gai, meaning “benefit” or “worth.” Aligning the Business of You with your life of worth is the best way to leverage your assets and create wealth.

Zero to seven-figure market-leader in under three years!


"In 2015, I saw a business opportunity - as every employer had to provide a pension scheme for employers by law. So did everyone else! But they were lifestyle businesses charging thousands. I wanted an equity-based business using technology to deliver a better solution for under £20 per month. Tens of thousands of companies had been set up across the UK with either workplace pensions or auto-enrolment in their title. I needed someone who knew the market to help me grow the business. Then I met Steve. Steve created a plan for WPD that made us the go-to place for thousands of accountants and business owners. Over the next two years, Steve led the growth of WPD from start-up to what we believe is the market leader today, with recognition along the way as a finalist in Yorkshire Business Masters Awards 2017. With Steve's high profile in the industry, we went from the small player at local networking events to the main player at the largest national accountant exhibitions in just two years. If I were to put a value on the business now, I'd say it was worth seven figures. With Steve's planning and business development skills, we went from zero to seven-figure market-leading business-masters-finalist in under three years." 


- Keith Humphrey, CEO at Workplace Pensions Direct.


No products were sold. Steve Conley was one of the founding directors of Workplace Pensions Direct Limited (Company number 08595563) from 01 January 2016 to 16 July 2019.



Funded to the tune of £4m!



FANTASTIC NEWS!!! The Blair Project's Manchester Innovation Activities Hub has been funded to the tune of £4 million!!!! It will provide rapid upskilling and reskilling in low carbon, advanced manufacturing, and digital technologies to support people in well-paid work as part of the Covid-19 recovery plan.


"To everyone that ever had a dream, this is proof that if you keep pressing forward, get up every time you get knocked down; you will make it. This has been a long and arduous 6-year journey, and it's wonderful to finally enjoy the fruits of our hard labour. I hope my story will inspire others to follow their dreams and never give up even when the going gets tough." - Nile Henry, CEO of Blair Project Ltd.


Meet the co-founder of the Blair Project, Nile Henry. Read his story.



Dr Marilyn Comrie, Director at The Blair Project and CEO of MIAH.


You can't talk about Manchester's thriving tech sector without coming across the amazing Dr Marilyn Comrie, Director at the Blair Project and CEO of the new Manchester Innovation Activities Hub (MIAH) set to open in 2022.


Based at Circle Square, The Blair Project is a social enterprise that uses the excitement of building and racing electric go-karts to help marginalised young people explore careers and passions in science, technology, engineering, and maths, especially girls and young people from Black Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds or low-income households.


After noticing a lack of workshop space and maker space to integrate new technologies into the go-karts, on top of realising the importance of upskilling and reskilling local talent across Greater Manchester, Marilyn Comrie joined with Bruntwood SciTech to create MIAH – a new workshop space and vocational training centre dedicated to the rapid upskilling, reskilling and retraining of more than 5,000 residents over the next five years, which will be located at Base at Manchester Science Park.


Marilyn said: "MIAH will make it easier for SMEs to collaborate and innovate new products and services to speed up the green industrial revolution. Since we've been part of Bruntwood SciTech's network, we've found the right funding and support to turn MIAH into a reality, including part of the £4m government support secured for Base in the 'Build Back Better' Fund.


This is what I did for my client as an advice-only financial planner, and this is what I can show you how to do for your clients.


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The GAME Plan Generator is the AoFP system of the Academy of Life Planning:


Goals: Create a big inspiring goal. Here the goal was to create opportunities for not-in-employment or education teens into manufacturing and industry via motor racing.

Actions: This included business planning support. And practical support, such as sourcing a team bus.

Means: This included the P&L forecast and support in drafting funding applications.

Execution: This included providing personal and business advice to the board.


No products were sold. Steve Conley was one of the founding directors of Blair Project Ltd (Company number 08947592) from 19 March 2014 to 28 January 2019.



It's All Part Of The Service

We will show you how with our Annual Mentorship and Membership Programme or Fast Track.
Our ongoing development programmes offer a range of proposition web classes, business owner forums, and one-to-one consultancy on subjects that help you build value in your business.
These include:
  • Creating clear plans and objectives for you and your business,
  • Segmenting your clients and developing appropriate contact strategies,
  • Developing your personal and professional skills, as well as those of your planners and support staff,
  • Creating an effective marketing plan for your business.


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