Why Choose Us?

"If you don't have a plan of life, you'll never have order!" - Saint Josemaria Escriva

People have no plans, or poor plans, or plans that benefit the hired planner rather than the planned. So, we help those who wish to be planned, to plan what THEY want to do with their lives. So they can have a great plan, live a great life and create a great lasting legacy.

Build the best life plan. Write the next chapter in your book of life and make it have a happy ending.


Use multi-dimensional planning tools to inspire and implement solutions to help you live the life you love, heal world grief and help save the planet. 


Here's what our clients had to say about us.

Emma's Story

Emma went from depressing Edgeware to scintillating Hollywood in under two years.

"In 2016, I was living in London doing the same thing every day … day-in, day-out … running my business that I wasn’t passionate about. Hiding the fact that I’m a psychic. Not really feeling understood in my life. Nothing made sense any more. I just felt really bored and hopeless. When I met Steve, he came to me and said, “Life isn’t meant to be like this. You can really be the whole of you. You can be the accountant. You can be the psychic. In fact, you should be. That’s who you were born to be.” I felt in my heart that was true, but I didn’t really know what to do. Steve became my life planner and helped me plan my dream life. My vision was that I’d live in America and that I would run a business that was congruent to who I am; that blends together business and spirituality. Where I’m up to now? Now I’m living in Hollywood, I run a business called Raise the Vibe Accountants, where I blend together my accountancy knowledge with spirituality. I offer intuitive consulting to help people bring balance to their lives. I’m living my dream life. If you’re considering working with Steve and you’re not sure whether to take that first step, all I can tell you is it changed my life and now I am living a dream life that I never thought was possible. Really live the life you were born to live. Go ahead."

What others say ...

"I recently attended one of Steve's seminars, and was quite frankly blown away! Definitely worth checking out, irrespective of your circumstances! Great work Steve! keep it up."  Mike Manaley, 2014


"Brilliant life planning session with Steve Conley, I'd certainly recommend him to anyone wanting to find their passion in life and to create the plan to reach it!" Hazel Johnson, 2017




Mike Manaley

“My friend Steve Conley is a rare man indeed. Steve was one of the most senior and powerful bankers in the world. As well other senior positions he headed up Investment at both HSBC and RBS. So why is Steve rare? 

Cut Steve in half and you will find integrity and ethics running through his core. The same can not be said for most bankers. Steve was actually fired by that bastion of honesty RBS, prior to their undoing, for pushing 'ethical' policy. The irony of it!

Steve at heart is a caring maverick. His mission now, having left banking behind, is to radically change the financial services industry, to re-calibrate it, to make it more about 'people' and not just profit. 

He has the ear of those at the top, both of banking and government. He is determined and passionate. This is man who should not be underestimated. He will change things for the better. 

I listened to Steve speak yesterday about how is now helping ordinary people to plan and live more fulfilling lives. It is clear to me his success is down to his enthusiasm, drive and commitment to his worthy cause. I am grateful to call Steve Conley a friend.”

Chris Stoner, September 2017

Chris Stoner

"When I was on the graduate scheme at a bank, I was mentored by Steve who told me all about life planning. It helped me think ahead to what I wanted my life to be like, visualise it and be open to opportunities to help me get there.
While working in Banking for 10 years, I began a blog which eventually became my “side hustle” and taught me skills on building and managing a brand. This in turn enabled me to go freelance and pursue my hobby full time and earn money while doing what I love.
I had also imagined what I wanted my house to be like, down to the wallpaper on the wall and the theme running through it and 4 years into my career we bought that house and 5 years later we have just bought our second house, enabling us to earn an additional income from the first.
Life planning has been an essential tool to building the life I wanted and imagined and a big thanks to Steve for helping plant that seed to change my mindset."
Binny Shah-Patel, Award Winning Food and Travel Writer, 2019


Binny Shah-Patel

The Adviser's Story - Peter

Britains most trusted national newspaper, says he's one of the UK's most trusted advisers!

The Academy of Life Planning train, accredit, register, mentor and partner with financial advisers and life coaches from around the world. This makes our mentees the mosted trusted advisers globally; share of heart we call it. But, as a result of the trust they become more financially successful. Listen to Peter's story. In just a couple of years from becoming a mentee, he became a top 10 financial adviser nationally in sales and on February 23 2019 he became The Times top 250 financial Adviser in the UK.



"Before 2015, I was doing what the textbooks taught and what every other financial adviser was doing. It was very product driven. I looked at the client’s money and identified a product to sell. It was very driven by the textbooks and the company I worked for. I was reluctant to put client objectives and goals in place, because of the fear of missing them and not achieving those outcomes. I went on a bit of a journey; I didn’t know where I was or where I was going. I did know that I was unhappy with what I was doing, it was too product driven. It was the objectives being placed on the client, rather than the clients setting their own. I didn’t really know what the answer was until I met Steve. In 2016, I met Steve at a networking event where he began to educate me on how it perhaps should be. I was a little bit slow to take it up or to catch on in the beginning. Through further reading, meetings and conversations with Steve … it really just became apparent that there was a better way of doing things. That feeling in the pit of my stomach disappeared and it just felt like it was the right way to do it. Once the penny drops. That’s it. There’s no turning back. It’s really empowering as an IFA to know that I’m doing it the right way. This is how it should be done. The money isn’t the client anymore and that’s how it was. Now it’s all about the client. It’s their goals and objectives that drive the process. The business has gone from strength to strength. From starting with an organisation of 160 partners nationally, with little experience as a relatively newcomer to the advice side of financial services, in a little over two years we are now in the top 10% partners in the firm. It would not have taken place without this approach. I have absolutely no reservations about how we do what we do. The figures and our position speak for themselves. We are set to have a fabulous year. As a result of life planning, we are adding value to the client constantly so they’re really happy doing business with us. When we see feedback on sights such as ‘vouched for’ we see ourselves featured in 2019 as one of the Times’ top rated and best financial advice firms in the UK. What better validation than that!"




Britains most trusted national newspaper announced Peter as one of the UK's most trusted advisers!

"It's a shame I can only give Steve 5 stars and if I could (give more) there would not be enough anyway, as not only will any interaction with Steve enlighten your existing beliefs on how we should treat clients, it will do something more powerful than that.....it will give you belief to re-evaluate yourself."  Paul Hoyle, IFA, 2017

The Company's Story - WPD

Zero to Seven-figure market-leading business-masters-finalist in under three years.

"In 2015, I saw a business opportunity - as every employer had to provide a pension scheme for employers by law. So did everyone else! But they were lifestyle businesses charging thousands. I wanted an equity-based business using technology to deliver a better solution for under £20 per month. Tens of thousands of companies had been set up across the UK with either workplace pensions or auto-enrolment in their title. I needed someone who knew the market to help me grow the business. Then I met Steve. Steve created a plan for WPD that made us the go to place for thousands of accountants and business owners. Over the next two years, Steve led the growth of WPD from start up to what we believe is market leader today, with recognition along the way as a finalist in Yorkshire Business Masters Awards 2017. With Steve's high profile in the industry, we went from small player at local networking events to the main player at the largest national accountant exhibitions in just two years. If I was to put a value on the business now, I'd say it was comfortably worth seven figures. With Steve's planning and business development skills, we went from zero to seven-figure market-leading business-masters-finalist in under three years."  - Keith Humphrey, CEO at Workplace Pensions Direct.

Where Are You Now?

It's 2015. This is Workplace Pensions Direct. Hidden away at the back of the exhibition. A small fish in a not so big pond. Putting out their message at the local business networking event. No-one seems to take them seriously. For all the effort they're putting in, they barely make 5-figures. This was the start.

Where Would You Like To Be?

It's 2017. Workplace Pensions Direct is a big fish in a massive pond. They appear at the major national exhibitions. They're taken seriously, as an authority. They're a Yorkshire Business Masters Finalist with a 7-Figure market-leading business. This was the end of their GAME plan's first cycle.

Steve's Story

Top City Banker becomes award-winning life coach, financial coach and business coach.

The Academy of Life Planning Limited was established on 2nd April 2012 in Chorley, Lancashire.


The founder, Steve Conley, was previously Head of Investments at HSBC when he lived and worked in Canary Wharf, London. He is a multiple and international award-winner. Six times market leader. And chairing the industry steering group at the British Banker's Association. Today, 8 out of 10 investors still use his ideas. According to the World Health Organisations, one of his products even contributed to saving the lives of 5 million children.


Steve discovered how financial advisers could become trusted. By planning the client, before planning the money. He used the #1 world-best-practice planning model. He trained as a life planner himself and arranged training for a dozen other advisers who went on to become the most trusted advisers in the bank. But, what mattered most to customers, mattered least to the bank. TRUST! According to world leading PR firm Edleman, banks are the least trusted of all industries globally.


His fellow bankers were unimpressed. Banks could earn far more short-term profit for shareholders, and pay themselves bigger bonuses, by getting rid of the advisers all-together and spending marketing budgets on promoting debt instead. By 2020, the average unsecured debt in the UK is forecast to be half annual salary.


So, disappointed that his colleagues would place profit before principles, Steve left the banks, holding an approach that would hand over the banks' lucrative control of the game to ordinary folk. He set up the Academy to share the secrets the banks didn't want him to share. You see, people in a mess with life and money are very profitable for a bank. And, all the UK banks preferred to sack all their financial advisers rather than fix the problem.


Steve went on to become a master Life Planner. Over the years, he has adapted the world-best-practice planning model to make it multi-dimensional and even better. He has helped hundreds of people escape the rat race, overcome mid-life crisis, find a new direction, come together with their significant other and set up a life of their dreams - as you can see from our many client stories.


He adapted the Goal Setting, so that it wasn't just about financial goals. It was about personal goals too: Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit. He also added a Financial Freedom Forecaster, so his clients could plan their means to financial freedom. Then he added the business plan, a proven proposition development framework that was as effective for his clients as it had provided for all those market-leading and award-winning businesses he built in banking. He helped hundreds of clients create a side-hustle from their passion - a vehicle that would quickly carry them on their path to freedom. The result is The GAME Plan.


Steve is the author of Your Money or Your Life: Unmask the highway robbers - enjoy wealth in every area of your life.

Transparency Trophy Winner

The Academy founder, Steve Conley, picked up an award in September 2017 for his contribution to a more transparent financial services industry. The award was presented by the Transparency Task Force founder, Andy Agathangelou - at the offices of Morningstar, in London. Steve is an Ambassador for the Transparency Task Force. He also leads one of its teams, the Market Integrity Team which conducted a review into professional codes of conduct right across the financial services industry. He presented the resulting white paper to British parliament in Feb 2018. This led to the establishment of the APPG on Financial Stability. For more details of the Transparency Task Force - check www.transparencytaskforce.org 


If you would like to learn more about what Steve does to heal world grief and save the planet, why not check out our sister website, www.valuesbasedadviser.com


Steve's Story

You need confidence to entrust your life, money and business plans to us. For this reason, we have provided an initial overview of the individual qualifications of The GAME Plan architect, Steve Conley here.

For details of his extensive work experience, why not check out his LinkedIn profile. He would be more than happy to connect!

Founder of the Academy of Life Planning in 2012

Founder of Values Based Adviser
Master Life Planner with the Kinder Institute of Life Planning
Multi-award-winning, multi-market-leading Proposition Architect

Yorkshire Business Masters Awards Finalist 2017
Winner of the Transparency Trophy 2017
Ambassador of the Transparency Taskforce
Chartered Financial Planner
Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute
Chartered Insurer
BSc Mathematics at UMIST
Former Head of Investments at HSBC, RBS Group & Santander
Former Chair of the British Bankers' Assocation, Bancassurance Steering Group
Twice winner (Associateship & Fellowship) of the British Insurance & Investment Brokers' Association Prize and twice winner of the Jubilee Prize of the Insurance Institute of Manchester, for best performance in North West England and Manchester respectively.

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